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Core Course Waivers

Waiver Applications and Exams
Students who have completed prior relevant coursework may consider waiving core courses. Waivers allow students to take more electives but do not reduce the total number of courses a student must take to obtain the degree. Waivers are obtained either by application or exam (see below for the availability and method of waiver by core course). Waiver exams can be taken only once and the waiver must be obtained prior to attending the first class of the intended waived course.  A student may decline a partial or full waiver received by application or exam, but should contact Evening & Weekend Academic Advising to do so. 

Note: Accelerated Option Students may only attempt to waive ACCT-430 and FINC-430 (all other waivers have been granted through the AO eligibility and admissions process).

Types of Waivers Granted:
  1. Partial Waiver allows the student to substitute the core course in a particular field with a higher level elective course in that same field at Kellogg.  The elective used to fulfill a partial waiver may NOT be taken as a Pass/No Credit class.
  2. Full Waiver allows the student to substitute the core course in a particular field with a higher level elective from any field offered at Kellogg. 

Course Number

Course Name

Available by Application

Available by Exam

Link to Requirements/ Sample Exams 


Accounting for Decision Making

Full--ACCT Waiver Application

Full -must pass both the online exams            ACCT 430 Waiver Requirements

DECS-430 -5*

Business Analytics I


Full (but still must take or waive DECS-431)

DECS-430-5 Waiver Requirements

DECS 431

Business Analytics II



DECS-431 Waiver Requirements


Finance I


Partial-must pass both online ACF Qualifying Exam first and in-person exam

FINC-430 Waiver Requirements


Marketing Management

Partial --MKTG Waiver Application


MKTG-430 Waiver Requirements


Microeconomic Analysis


MECN Waiver Application


MECN-430 Waiver Requirements


Leadership in Organizations





Operations Management


Partial or Full (depending upon exam performance)

OPNS-430 Waiver Requirements


Business Strategy



*You can take these online exams at any time; email Evening & Weekend Academic Advising to receive the online exam registration links. Registration for other exams is provided in eNews several weeks prior to waiver exam dates.

Waiver exams 
Waiver exam registration is required to sit for an exam. Signup will occur through a link which will be in an eNews sent early in the quarter. You do not need to submit any supporting documents to take the waiver exams. Waiver exams must be completed during the exam windows listed in the table below. 

Waiver Applications
Waiver applications are submitted to the departments once each quarter so applications must be complete by the dates in the table below. If you do not receive a waiver from your submitted application, you may sit for the waiver exam in a subsequent quarter (if an exam is offered for that course).

To apply for a waiver, please complete the following steps:
  1. Obtain a copy of your transcripts (unofficial is fine if you have submitted the original transcripts with your admissions application) with the relevant course (s) highlighted, syllabus/syllabi for the relevant course(s), and any supporting documents (e.g. CPA certification).
  2. Apply and confirm that you have met the requirements for a waiver application by completing the appropriate waiver applications below:


Waiver Exam Dates and Application Deadlines


   Waiver Exam Dates

Waiver Application Deadline

Summer 2024

July 8-14, 2024  July 3, 2024

Fall 2024

October 7-14, 2024

October 2, 2024

Winter 2025

January 27-February 2, 2025

January 24, 2025
 Spring 2025 April 21-27, 2025 April 18, 2025

*The FINC 430 exam (which must pass online ACF to take) , scheduled on a case-by-case basis. All other exams are online and can be taken anytime during the exam dates listed above.

Waiver Results 

Waiver exams and applications are submitted to departments for grading or approval soon after the exam dates and application deadlines. Approximately two weeks after department submission, your waiver results will be emailed to you. Shortly after your waiver results are sent to you, any waivers received will be viewable online in BidReg (click on the "Holds, Waivers, Transfers" link in the left navigation).

Questions?  Please contact Evening & Weekend Academic Advising.