Applying for Graduation

All students who will be completing the MBA degree in the current academic year are required to file an Application for Degree according to the deadline set forth by the registrar. Student transcripts must be reviewed and cleared for students to be allowed to graduate. Students who complete the graduation requirements within an academic year must graduate within that period. Diplomas will be withheld if there are any outstanding holds on student accounts.

If you are completing your degree requirements during the 2014-2015 academic year (December 2014 - August 2015), please see below for information on when to submit your Application for Degree based on your completion term. Email communication will be sent.

Fall 2014: August 25 - September 5

Winter 2015: November 3 - December 5

Spring 2015: January 12 - January 30

Summer 2015: February 2 - February 13

Submit your Application for Degree here.  Questions can be directed to

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