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Applying for Graduation

All Evening & Weekend students who plan to complete their MBA degree requirements in the 2017-2018 academic year need to file an Application for Degree prior to the end of the term in which they will have completed their degree requirements. Students who complete the graduation requirements within the academic year must graduate within that period.

Applications for Degree from students who anticipate completing their degree requirements at the end of the Winter Quarter 2018 will be sent future communication about submitting the Application for Degree.  

Winter Completes: Please submit your application for degree between November 1 and November 20.  Click here to access the online application.

Fall 2017: You should have already filed your Application for Degree.  If you have not, please contact kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu as soon as possible.  Spring and Summer Completes: Stay tuned for future communication regarding submission of your Application for Degree.

Click here for more information on degree requirements.  

A note regarding majors:
The Application for Degree requires you to check the majors you wish to be evaluated as part of the degree audit process.  Only select the majors you have completed or will complete by the end of your final quarter at Kellogg. Please be advised: exceptions to majors are not allowed.

A note regarding the name on your diploma: Names may be added or altered on the diploma. Please use the below examples as a guideline:

CAESAR legal name: Jonathan Sample Doe

Acceptable versions:

  • Jonathan Sample Doe
  • Jonathan S. Doe
  • Jonathan Doe
  • Jonathan Doe Jr.
  • Jonathan Doe IV
  • Nicknames, shortened names, and additional names are not recommended.  The Registrar’s Office reserves the right to review the additional names.

Not Allowed:

  • Prefixes/titles, quotation marks, and parentheses
    • Johnny Doe
    • Jonathan “Skip” Doe
    • Jonathan (Skip) Doe
    • Prefixes/titles (Dr., Mrs., Mr., etc.) 

Changes to first and last names can only be made by formally filing a name change with the university. See “File a Name Change” instructions on the Registrar website.

 Please contact kellogg-registrar@kellogg.northwestern.edu with any questions.  Click here for more information about Kellogg Convocation.