Symposium: State-Based Health Insurance Exchanges – The Way Forward


Thought Leadership at Kellogg

The Kellogg Public-Private Interface (KPPI) initiative focuses its efforts at the intersection of private industry and the public sector, where practice and policy combine to foster a vibrant economy. Promoting KPPI’s practitioner-oriented research will ensure Kellogg’s impact on shaping the global conversation about the societal obligations of business and the impact of government regulation on them. We are committed to producing cutting-edge research — the practical knowledge that business leaders need to build strong organizations.

To ground our approach, KPPI is investing in three core areas: economic policy and financial institutions; health policy; and business, government and society.

Serving as a platform for perspectives and commentary that are accessible outside the confines of academia, we expect that the initiative’s work will engage leaders across the public and nonprofit sectors — including government, NGOs and activists — across all ideological boundaries.

Janice Eberly
Faculty Director, Kellogg Public-Private Interface
James R. and Helen D. Russell Professor of Finance
Sheila Duran
Senior Director, Kellogg Public-Private Interface