49th AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium:
The Past, Present and Future of Marketing #AMADocCon14


About the AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium

or more than 40 years, the AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium has brought together top marketing doctoral students with the world’s most distinguished marketing faculty. The invitation-only consortium offers presentations, workshops and networking events that encourage interaction and dialogue among renowned faculty and consortium doctoral fellows. The first consortium was held in 1966. In 1997, the name was changed to the AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium in recognition of the Madhuri & Jagdish N. Sheth Foundation’s commitment to finance part of the consortium on an ongoing basis with the establishment of an AMA Foundation endowed fund.

The AMA is pleased to provide support to the 49th AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium through a grant to encourage innovative programming that enhances the value of participation in the consortium. For additional information about the AMA, please visit www.ama.org.

AMA–Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Host Institutions:

2014 – Northwestern University
2013 – University of Michigan
2012 – University of Washington
2011 – Oklahoma State University
2010 – Texas Christian University
2009 – Georgia State University 
2008 – University of Missouri 
2007 – Arizona State University 
2006 – University of Maryland 
2005 – University of Connecticut 
2004 – Texas A&M University 
2003 – University of Minnesota 
2002 – Emory University 
2001 – University of Miami 
2000 – University of Western Ontario 
1999 – University of Southern California 
1998 – University of Georgia 
1997 – University of Cincinnati 

AMA Doctoral Consortium Host Institutions:

1996 – The University of Colorado, Boulder
1995 – The University of Pennsylvania 
1994 – Santa Clara University 
1993 – University of Illinois 
1992 – Michigan State University 
1991 – University of Southern California 
1990 – University of Florida 
1989 – Harvard University 
1988 – University of California at Berkeley 
1987 – New York University 
1986 – University of Notre Dame 
1985 – Duke University 
1984 – Northwestern University 
1983 – University of Michigan 
1982 – University of Minnesota 
1981 – University of Maryland 
1980 – Penn State University 
1979 – University of Wisconsin, Madison 
1978 – University of Chicago 
1977 – University of Pennsylvania 
1976 – University of Houston 
1975 – Cornell University 
1974 – University of Oregon 
1973 – Michigan State University 
1972 – University of Texas, Austin 
1971 – University of Illinois 
1970 – University of Western Ontario 
1969 – University of North Carolina 
1968 – Penn State University 
1967 – Penn State University 
1966 – Indiana University 

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General Consortium inquiries: AMAconsortium2014@kellogg.northwestern.edu