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  Kellogg on China

GIM research gains wider audience

by Deborah Leigh Wood

The Kellogg School GIM program is going public with its research.

Kellogg on China: Strategies for Success, an edited text of scholarship from the Global Initiatives in Management course, soon will hit commercial bookstores. GIM’s two previous offerings were published in-house.

Kellogg on China, a compilation of research papers written by Kellogg student teams from 2002-2003 who visited that country to complete their GIM projects, is the first in a series of Kellogg texts that Northwestern University Press is publishing for a general audience.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Kellogg, one of the crown jewels of the University,” says Donna Shear, director of NU Press.

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The essays in Kellogg on China address China’s growth and transformation into a major economic power, and the impact of these changes with China’s entry into the World Trade Organization.

“This is an exciting time both for China and Kellogg,” says Anuradha Dayal-Gulati, who edited the book along with Angela Lee, Kellogg associate professor of marketing. “The research projects in this edition are more substantive than those in previous GIM projects because faculty have pushed for more rigorous research and made the curriculum more demanding,” says Dayal-Gulati, who is also academic adviser for the GIM program and clinical associate professor of management with the Center for International Business and Markets at Kellogg.

Kellogg on China is divided into four subject sections: WTO Entry and a Changing China; Managing and Maneuvering in the New Chinese Economy; Understanding Marketing in China; and Looking to the Future.

Research topics include “Franchising as an Expansion Strategy in China,” “Sports Marketing in China” and “Taking Global Brands to Local Success: Marketing Western Snack Foods in China.”

“To have our piece published is icing on the cake, because the GIM experience was so worthwhile on its own,” says Mike Simonton ’03, one of the contributors. “The experience helped me cultivate business instincts to swiftly develop a list of risks and opportunities and an action plan for addressing them.”

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