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The Kellogg Real Estate Program

by Rebecca Lindell

The Kellogg Real Estate Program — the cornerstone of a successful career Kellogg offers many advantages to students aspiring to careers in real estate. The school’s Real Estate Management curriculum keeps students on the cutting edge of trends in the field, as well as provides them with a grounding in all aspects of business and management.

The Kellogg Real Estate Club and an annual conference focusing on issues in real estate provide additional learning opportunities well before graduation. The Real Return, a twice-annual newsletter published by the Real Estate Management Program and its students, provides a link between the program and its alumni and friends.

The Guthrie Center for Real Estate Research also engages Kellogg School faculty and students in research projects that involve real estate markets, public and private finance, project management and the development process. A board consisting of some of the most prominent professionals in the real estate field guides the center.

To learn more, please see the Kellogg Real Estate Management Program Web site.

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