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Matt LevatichMatt Levatich '94

For 8-year-old Matt Levatich, riding a dirt bike was one of the greatest joys in life. In fact, in the 1970s, Levatich spent much of his free time roaming around his neighborhood in upstate New York on his motorcycle.

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Alex Woodthorpe '95
In 1986, Alex Woodthorpe was interviewing for a job with Schroder Investment Management, a London-based asset management firm, when he received a question that forever changed his life.

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Cheryl Hyman '06
Looking back on her childhood, Cheryl Hyman, chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago (CCC), recalls a lot of hardship.

Growing up on Chicago’s West Side, Hyman was raised in the Henry Horner Homes, one of the city’s bleakest housing projects. Sometimes, when she was reluctant to return home, she did her homework under the glow of a streetlamp.

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