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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

Kellogg School professors continue to lend their insights on an array of subjects, providing expertise from finance and marketing to strategy and managerial economics. Some recent media stories involving Kellogg professors include the following.

Amy Cuddy  
Amy Cuddy  Photo © Evanston Photographic  
Daniel Diermeier  
Daniel Diermeier  Photo © Evanston Photographic  
Jeanne Brett  
Jeanne Brett  

"China and Regulation." In this June 7 segment, appearing in First Business Morning News (Syndicated), IBM Distinguished Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice Daniel Diermeier commented on the safety of goods made in China.

Chicago Lawyer. This publication's June edition included the insights of Brian Uzzi, the Richard L. Thomas Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change. "The firms in the middle of the market often face a battle on two fronts as they attempt to compete with large and small firms," noted Uzzi.

"South Africa: Street Dogs - Better Take Care, Better Watch Out." This May 24 Business Day (Johannesburg) article profiled research co-authored by Adam Galinsky, associate professor of management and organizations. The subject of the research, originally published in the July/August 2006 edition of the European Journal of Social Psychology, was Galinsky's study on the "approach/inhibition theory of power."

"Data analysis designed to give sales force an edge." This May 21 Chicago Tribune article profiles ZS Associates, an Evanston-based consultancy built on a sales force management system grounded in information technology and research. The consultancy was co-founded in 1983 by Professor of Marketing Andris Zoltners.

"Can Asean charter forge a common identity?" The May 18 edition of Electric New Paper (Singapore) reviews of the new book Think Asean! Rethinking Marketing Toward Asean Community 2015, co-authored by S.C. Johnson & Son Distinguished Professor of International Marketing Philip Kotler.

"Chrysler deal a key test for private equity." In this May 15 Los Angeles Times story, Clinical Associate Professor of Finance David Stowell says, "...over the last few years [private equity investors have] given a new lease on life to a number of companies and industries."

"SheiKra shows her sexy side: And the Busch Gardens coaster isn't alone." The May 12 edition of the St. Petersburg Times (Florida) included the perspective of Clinical Professor of Marketing Timothy Calkins, who addressed issues of branding. "We live in a very cluttered world, so it's very hard for marketers to break through and get attention," said Calkins. "That's why marketers keep pushing the edge. There's a desire to be different. Some people just substitute sex for creativity and that's unfortunate." Calkins also was quoted in a May 27 Chicago Tribune article about top companies, titled, "Area's diversity pays off for firms; Many stocks enjoy market-beating gains."

"Students and Nonprofits: Mutually Beneficial Relationships." Clinical Professor of Social Enterprise Anne Cohn Donnelly shared her ideas on management education in this May 8 Wall Street Journal article. She endorsed a combination of hands-on and classroom experience saying: "There's no way you can learn just by seeing. You need the link to theory."

"Motorola's circle of woes widens." Professor of Management Walter Scott shared his governance expertise in this May 6 Chicago Tribune article considering possible board questions related to the sudden departure of a senior executive at a company. "If I'm on the board, I'd really want to get to the bottom of it. Is it a vote of no confidence in the CEO, or is it someone who wants to pursue his own dream in a different direction?" said Scott.

"How Diversity Makes a Team Click." This April 22 New York Times article included the expertise of Jeanne Brett, the DeWitt W. Buchanan Jr. Distinguished Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations. "You have to be really tolerant, not take things personally, and then try to be really creative in finding out the best way to make things work," said Brett, commenting on some of the challenges and strategies associated with managing multicultural teams.

"Obama Built Donor Network From Roots Up." In this April 3 New York Times story, Gordon and Llura Gund Family Professor of Entrepreneurship Steven Rogers commented on his direct experience with Senator Barack Obama's "skill at cultivating donors."

"The Opt-Out Myth: Most moms have to work to make ends meet. So why does the press write only about the elite few who don't?" In the March/April edition of Columbia Journalism Review, Amy Cuddy, assistant professor of management and organizations, analyzed concerns with media portrayal of certain career choices. "People who've left promising careers to stay home with their kids aren't going to say, 'I was forced out. I really want to be there.' It gives people a sense of control that they may not actually have," said Cuddy.

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