Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017



Kellogg Finance Network (KFN)

Dennis Wellert ’98

Annabelle Ju (NU ’14)

It was a very busy year-end for the Kellogg Finance Network (KFN), an independent non-profit organization focused on building a dynamic, self-sustaining Kellogg global finance community that effectively serves its alumni, faculty and student constituencies while reflecting the unique Kellogg spirit and culture. KFN is led by a board, chaired by Jerry Kenney ’67, one of the most senior Kellogg and Northwestern alumni in finance.

In partnership with the Wharton Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (WPEVC), KFN proudly hosted the sixth annual CIO Leaders in Alternative Investing Summit on November 30, 2016, at the New York Athletic Club. This exclusive summit, led by Steering Committee Co-Chair and KFN board member Kris Zdyb ’98 and Planning Committee Co-Chair Mark Fischer ’05, convened over 300 world-class investors to discuss current challenges in today’s dynamic alternative investing environment. Keynote speakers included Northwestern University CIO Will McClean and University of Pennsylvania CIO Peter Ammon. KFN also hosted an intimate post-summit dinner for Kellogg alumni. Summit attendees included KFN board members Jerry Kenney ’67, Eric Hanson ’79, Harry Kraemer ’79, Peter McKown ’85, Michael Haddad ’87, Marten Hoekstra ’94, Curt Brockelman ’96 and James Simmons ’96.

Northwestern University President Morton Schapiro joined the KFN board meeting on November 21, 2016, where he shared his viewpoints on a variety of topics, including the state of higher education, business school rankings, and the new Kellogg Global Hub on Lake Michigan. This quarterly KFN board meeting was organized by KFN Board Member Stephan Hartman ’99 and graciously hosted by KFN Board Member and Northwestern University Trustee Jerry Kenney at the Yale Club.

At the KFN Board’s September 29, 2016, meeting, four-star general and former Director of the CIA and NSA Michael Hayden met with the Board and over 25 invited guests. He discussed national security and the upcoming election, and shared details about his new book, Playing to the Edge: American Intelligence in the Age of Terror. This special guest and meeting was facilitated by KFN Board Member Lex Leeming ’02 and generously hosted by Ed Keller ’91, managing director, and Seth Bergstein ’92, head of the Global Services Group at Morgan Stanley. KFN Board Member Brian Lessig ’99 represented KFN at the October 2016 Kellogg Alumni Council meetings, where he continued to contribute to the Alumni Club Partnership Initiative. Additionally, KFN Board Member Hagai Barlev ’01 continued to explore the complex task of leveraging the KFN network to support the admissions process.

The KFN Speaker Series continued with two events in November 2016. On November 29, Kellogg Professor and KFN Board Member Harry Kraemer ’79 discussed the timeless topic of values-based leadership. Rachel Schnoll ’99 and Kelly Galanis ’05, managing directors at Goldman Sachs, generously hosted and sponsored this event, the proceeds of which were donated to the One Acre Fund. Also, on November 3, The KFN was joined by Dr. Ravi Jagannathan, Chicago Mercantile Exchange/John F. Sanders Professor of Finance and co-director, financial institutions and market research at Kellogg. Ravi facilitated a targeted discussion on “Long-run Risks, Returns and the Use of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Criteria in investing.” Hosting this event were James Simmons ’96 and Michael Smith ’98, both of whom are partners at alternative asset management firm Ares Management. The KFN Speaker Series, led by KFN Board Member Kevin Goldstein ’92 and Tommaso Breschi ’07, continues to serve as a platform for building and strengthening Kellogg alumni relationships within the financial services industry in an intimate group setting.