Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017




Cynthia Bowman was recently honored by Ebony magazine on their Power 100 list.

In June 2016 Leo Griffin took a new job as CEO of a fitness and health technology start-up called Activbody. They’re launching a pocket-sized connected device and apps that coach, measure and track full body muscle workouts, making strength training available to everyone, anytime, anywhere. If you struggle to get to the gym regularly then please check them out at He moved a couple of years ago with his wife and three kids to Laguna Beach in SoCal. If you’re in the area, please let him know!

Curt Jennewine currently runs a firm called Asia MedPartners which helps medical device companies enter and succeed in the Japanese/Chinese markets while also helping Japanese/Chinese medical companies succeed the U.S. market. Their clients consist of new entrants into these markets as well as companies wishing to upgrade their distribution partners.He and his wife continue to spend most of the year in Portland, Oregon, and would love to see any fellow alumni passing through!

John Joseph has taken a position as COO for Aftermath Services. Aftermath provides trauma and crime scene cleanup services and is headquartered in the Chicago area with offices in 23 cities nationwide and expanding. John looks forward to catching up and reconnecting with Kellogg alumni based in Chicago.

David Long and his business partner David Graves ’86 are having a great time growing Tuscany Strategy Consulting, a boutique firm working in education, health care, consumer goods and services, and new media. Their Kellogg experience has helped them forge a unique culture while experimenting with new approaches to consulting. They continue to refine their proprietary methodologies, analytic techniques and fee structures within an egalitarian management hierarchy. Overall, it’s been a blast.

In late September 2016, The Truong ’98, Jessica Ashar ’98, Mike Avila ’98, Andrea Barsotti ’98, Dan Clifford ’98, Roy Ibasco ’99, Val Kucherenko ’98, Wynne Kwee ’99, Marcus McElroy ’98, Philippe Meyersohn ’98, Sue Raisty ’98, Chris Tomseth ’98, HD Vo ’98 and Penny Yao ’98 attended an unofficial Kellogg reunion in San Francisco. Organized by Jay Sala ’98, Isabelle Gecils ’98 and Paul Yiu ’98, the group had a great time catching up with each other while checking out the sites of the city. The group reports great times that felt as though they were back at Kellogg.

Commander Bob Koonce '98 delivering remarks during a Change of Command ceremony for USS Key West (SSN 722) conducted on board USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii