Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017




Carissa Ganelli has been appointed vice president of marketing technology at Subway World Headquarters. With more than 15 years of experience in e-commerce and mobile marketing for startups and top brands, Carissa oversees Subway Digital, a new team dedicated to help transform the guest experience through the integration of digital tools, such as loyalty programs and a revamped mobile app. “Joining Subway is a dream come true, as I support this iconic brand with its digital transformation,” she says.

David Gordon is currently working in Alabama as CEO of Wellborn Forest Products, where he just completed a turnaround of this manufacturer of kitchen cabinetry. He’s still laughing uproariously with his classmates Lisa LaVine ’95, Tom Rogers ’95, Travis Hurst ’95 and sometimes Kian Meftah ’95 at Coffee Talk. Although, since they now live in different parts of the country, they get together by phone. His oldest is now a junior in high school. Time goes by so fast!

Lisa Morrell’s daughter Krista, 12, gave her a good reason to catch up with some Kellogg friends in NYC last summer. Krista was accepted into the Juilliard/SAB summer ballet program at Lincoln Center. The program admits only 200 students ages 12–18 each year. During her visits, Lisa stayed with Dave Melian ’95 and Stacey Castor ’95, who were wonderful hosts, and enjoyed quality time with Carrie Leonard ’95 and Jane Bieneman ’95. A memorable summer adventure!

Lisa Morrell'95 with her daughter Krista in NYC outside the Julliard school, where Krista attended the school's 2016 summer dance program