Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017




It’s been a wild year for Christine Marie Mason! All six of her kids are grown and out in the world doing magnificent things. After 20+ years in the tech and startup space, she sold her company, Now Labs. Her work now is all about increasing connection and reducing violence. She wrote a book, just released, called Indivisible. It’s a fairly personal account of moving from alienation and anger, into power and connection. She and Matt McCall ’91 had a great trip with the KIN to Bhutan. She is currently living happily on the ridge in Mill Valley.

John Vano lives and works in San Diego, running a business focused on providing radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging equipment to medical clinics throughout the world. He and his wife Bridgette have two daughters, the youngest of whom was born in 2016.

Matt McCall '91 and Christine Mason '91 in Bhutan with the Kellogg Innovation Network