Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017




After graduation, Kevin Lam worked in banking for 20+ years in NY (about 10 years) and Hong Kong (about 13 years), where both of his kids were born. They moved back to the United States in 2014 and settled in Irvine, California, where he has a small investment advisory business ( He has seen a good number of his classmates over the years, and would welcome more contact. He missed the 25th reunion but hopes to make it to the 30th.

Karin Dommermuth O’Connor is excited to announce that she joined the Kellogg faculty in September 2016. She is teaching in the entrepreneurship program and helping to carve out a leadership position in the area of growth and scaling. She’s having a great time being back on campus, and looks forward to the move to the new Global Hub in early 2017.

This past September, at Université Paris Dauphine, Michel Philippart successfully defended a doctorate in business administration on “Managing Suppliers as an Intangible Resource to Contribute to the Creation and Sustainability of Competitive Advantages: A Resource Based Approach.” One of his articles was recently accepted in the Journal of Business Strategy. He also presented a paper at the Engaged Management Scholarship Conference in Paris.