Kellogg Magazine  |  Spring 2017




This might sound grandiose and possibly delusional, but it’s not. After almost 30 years of studying evolution and biology as a hobby from a different perspective (top down deductive reasoning) than almost all mainstream biologists use (bottom up/selfish gene reasoning), Jeff Bowles has completed the second half of the theory of evolution and recently published the theory in a new, entertaining, book for the layman titled What Darwin Could Not See: The Missing Half of the Theory.

After “retiring” from Kraft in September 2015 after 31 years, Wendy Weiss Kritt spent 10 months consulting, traveling and volunteering. She is pleased to announce that she joined Kellogg in July 2016 as chief marketing officer. In her new role, Wendy leads the marketing, strategy, digital and creative teams that market Kellogg to prospective students and the business community. She also leads alumni relations. She is excited to join this team and hopes to connect with fellow alumni at future events.

While visiting her family in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving, Catherine Morales had lunch with fellow classmate Karen Vangsguard Lithgow ’84 who now lives in Alameda, California. She also saw Allen Weinberg ’84 before and after he jetted off to NYC for the holiday. She spent most of her time with her daughter and three granddaughters: the eldest is in her third year at the Syracuse University School of Architecture. She is enjoying semi-retirement doing some consulting, but mostly traveling.

Michael Hugo '84 speaking at MODSIM conference