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  Photo © Rich Foreman

"Pre-crisis, we were the people everybody wanted to avoid. Now, we're the people invited to all the meetings, and we're in great demand."

Chisoo Lyons, vice president of FICO, on the heightened profile of risk managers in the wake of the financial crisis (2010 Kellogg Risk Summit, Oct. 28) Read more.


  Photo © Maggie Rife

"Leadership means a lot of different things to different people. Before you can talk about a shared vision, you have to be aligned correctly."

Mike Singletary, Minnesota Vikings linebackers coach and assistant head coach, in a talk on leadership (Feb. 22) Read more.


  Photo © Rich Foreman

"Success without leadership is a missed opportunity."

Soledad O'Brien, CNN anchor and special correspondent, at the Black Management Association Conference (Feb. 26) Read more.



  Photo © Maggie Rife

"The level of fear about the direction of the world has never been higher. I call it economic hypochondria. Yes, there are risks — and we ought to insure against them."

Brian Wesbury '89, chief economist at First Trust Advisors L.P., on managing global risk (2011 Kellogg Risk Summit, Feb. 23) Read more.


  Photo © Nathan Mandell

"Social media drives ratings. The idea that you can just do a TV spot is done."

Stephen Master, vice president and head of sports practice at the Nielsen Co., at the Sports Business Conference (Feb. 12) Read more.



  Photo © Maggie Rife

"The only way to do well is to see the pattern. Lightning does strike in our business; understanding where it is likely to strike is key."

— Venture capitalist Kevin Efrusy of Accel Partners at the Kellogg Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference (Feb. 9) Read more.



  Photo © Jason Brown

"It's cheap to be first, but it's expensive to be right."

— Former NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker on the importance of building credibility with consumers (J. Ira Harris Speaker Series, Feb. 15) Read more.



  Photo © Chris Guillen

"Something is happening right now with our newer technologies. We are actually participating in the creation of a new collective psyche."

— Mind-body expert Deepak Chopra on unlocking the leader within (Feb. 8) Read more.



  Photo © Chris Guillen

"I found that if I could start a business, I could fund certain things. Otherwise, I'd be running around asking for it."

W.K. Kellogg III, president of General Packaging Products, on entrepreneurship and philanthropy (Nov. 17) Read more.



  Photo © Jason Brown

"One person told me, 'Not only is this not going to work, but cable television is not going to make it in the United States."

Bill Rasmussen, founder of ESPN, on the reaction in 1978 when he proposed the creation of a 24-hour sports network (Kellogg Marketing Conference, Jan. 22) Read more.


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