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Kellogg Faculty in the Media

Kellogg School professors and thought leaders continue to lend their insights on an array of subjects, leveraging their expertise from finance and marketing to strategy and managerial economics. Some recent media stories involving Kellogg professors include the following.

"Jeep Patriot Internet, TV ads try to capture 'cool.'" The Detroit News for March 14 includes the perspective of Timothy Calkins. "If a marketer's going to have an impression, especially with younger people, they have to do something more interesting and more dynamic," says Calkins. "The idea of creating an interactive film online or a comic book online is a step in the right direction because it's something people might seek out."

Adam Galinsky  
Adam Galinsky  
Janice Eberly  
Janice Eberly  
Eric Anderson  
Eric Anderson  
Michelle Buck  
Michelle Buck  All photos © Evanston Photographic Studios  

"The Major Attraction of a Business Minor." This BusinessWeek Online story for March 9 quotes Janice Eberly. "Firms are looking for students to enter the undergraduate-level jobs with some business acumen, but also maintain the broad exposure to their world and the thinking skills that come with a liberal arts education," says Eberly.

"The mathematics of friendship." Coverage in the Chicago Tribune for March 6 profiles the study "Meeting Strangers and Friends of Friends: How Random are Social Networks?" which will be published this June in The American Economic Review. The study, by Brian Rogers (with Matthew O. Jackson), presents a new mathematical formula that shows how social networks are developed.

"Encouraging innovation in Chicago; Entrepreneurship Week aims to inspire young people to pursue ideas." The Chicago Tribune's Feb. 26 edition quotes Steven Rogers, director of the Larry and Carol Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice at the Kellogg School. "Entrepreneurship, interestingly, is colorblind," says Rogers. "It is gender neutral. It is ageless. It is the epitome of opportunity."

"TJX, Pier 1 locked in an odd, but heated, battle over hiring." The Boston Globe's Feb. 15 edition includes a quote from Walter Scott. "These noncompete clauses are intended to protect trade secrets, but they also create a hurdle for good executives to be bribed away by competitors," says Scott.

"High Prices Help Sell All-in-One Products." The New York Times for Feb. 5, summarizes new research by Alexander Chernev. The study appears in The Journal of Consumer Research and is titled "Jack-of-All-Trades or Master of One?"

"China Leads the World in Entrepreneurial Passion." China Daily for Feb. 1 includes an article written by Lloyd Shefsky, co-director of the Kellogg School's Center for Family Enterprises.

"Power Corrupts? Absolutely." U. S. News & World Report's Jan. 29 edition includes research co-authored by Adam Galinsky. His work is profiled in the regular feature "From the Briefcase: Research produced by America's Best Business Schools."

"Online Versus on the Street." U. S. News & World Report for Jan. 29 highlights the research of Eric Anderson in its regular feature "From the Briefcase: Research produced by America's Best Business Schools."

In First Business Morning News for Jan. 18, Robert Korajczyk discusses stock buybacks and payouts.

"City tries Olympic ad splash at O'Hare." This Chicago Tribune article for Jan. 17 includes the perspectives of Dean Dipak C. Jain and Bobby Calder on the new ad campaign aimed to sell Chicago's 2016 Olympics bid to the world.

"Baxter's ex-CEO teaches students: Do the right thing." Harry Kraemer's career is profiled in this Jan. 7 Chicago Tribune article, which includes a list of Kraemer's advice to managers.

"Leadership." Michelle Buck appeared as a guest on Deepak Chopra's "Wellness Radio" for Jan. 6. She discussed leadership and the executive education course The Soul of Leadership, which she teaches with Chopra at Kellogg.

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