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Why I support the Kellogg School

Bill Cobb  
William Cobb
Senior VP & General Manager, International Marketing
eBay, Inc.
Class of 1979

William Cobb
Kellogg is known as the best marketing school in the world, and the knowledge I gained inside the classroom prepared me well in managing some truly great brands. I am grateful for that knowledge and happy to see, 25 years later, the school is still providing excellent learning opportunities for students. I was humbled by the comments and support I received from my friends for delivering the keynote speech at our reunion, and reminded of how valuable the friendships I made there are both in my career and in my personal life. I am happy to give back to the Kellogg School and look forward to the school's continued success.


  Raymond Stanhope

Raymond Stanhope
Class of 1940


Raymond Stanhope
When I began at Northwestern in 1936, I didn't have much money. I worked my way through, taking jobs on campus and living at home (near Harlem and Higgins) to pay the $300 per year tuition. I was an accounting major and received my MBA at Northwestern's Business School (now the Kellogg School of Management) in 1940. My wife, Faith Wakelee, also graduated from Northwestern in 1940, with a degree in education. We were always together and dated three years before getting married. When we married, my wife had $600 in the bank, and I had spent my last $600 on a car. So we started out with nothing.

Sadly, my wife passed away on Dec. 2, 2003, just 22 days short of our 60th wedding anniversary. I was so happy that the two of us had such a beautiful life together, and that we had established an annuity contribution with Kellogg years ago. Upon Faith's death, I established another charitable annuity for my son. My years at Northwestern were happy and they enabled me to begin a successful career. I cannot begin to stress how wonderful it is to establish a charitable annuity with Kellogg. It allows you or a loved one to receive a quarterly income, with Kellogg eventually receiving a sum that is sizable and able to help the school, its programs and students tremendously.

Jim Steckart  
Jim Steckart
Commercial Leadership Program, GE
Class of 2004

Jim Steckart
I'm happy to give back to Kellogg, both because the education I received there was instrumental in helping me transition to GE and the career I have today, but also because my two years there were such an incredible experience in and of themselves. While you're there as a student it's easy to take the experience for granted, but my involvement on the 2004 Class Gift campaign reinforced the reality that so much of the richness of the Kellogg experience is a direct result of alumni giving.

I look forward to a lifetime of alumni giving because I see it as a natural extension of the culture of teamwork and camaraderie that makes Kellogg such a unique institution. As the Class of '04 gets older and becomes even more successful, I think we'll see a continued willingness to continue the cycle of giving and ensure that future students have the same rich experience we enjoyed.

Jacqueline Harris Hochberg  

Jacqueline Harris Hochberg
Class of 1995


Jacqueline Harris Hochberg
Giving back to the Annual Fund at Kellogg is important to me because it is my way of helping to ensure that future Kellogg students will have the same wonderful experience at Kellogg as I did. I firmly believe that when you have been given an opportunity in life, no matter what it is, you have a moral obligation to help someone else have the same opportunity. I encourage all Kellogg alumni, no matter how long it has been since you were physically at Kellogg, to support your school and help share the gift you were given with future Kellogg students.


  Fred McCoy

Fred McCoy
President, Cardiac Rhythm Management
Guidant Corporation
Class of 1981


Fred McCoy
The Kellogg School originally provided for me a breakthrough life experience en route to business leadership. Through ongoing association with the Kellogg School, that personal growth journey continues.  For Guidant, the school is a source of top-flight talent and leading-edge thought. As such, personal and company support for the Kellogg School strikes me as a sound investment, paying regular dividends.

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