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  Dean Jain

From the Dean

Dear Alumni and Friends,

Our collective efforts throughout the Kellogg School community have earned Kellogg a perennial rank in the top echelon of management leaders. Our alumni, faculty, students, staff and corporate partners have all played an important role in our success over the years. Today, our challenge is to build on these successes.

We are leveraging Kellogg School strengths to accent leadership in ways that can transform the business world. Kellogg has always been recognized for its innovation in such areas as teamwork, research-based faculty and marketing mastery that results in strategic advantages.

Kellogg continues its journey as an innovation leader by developing initiatives that harness the synergies among team leadership, thought leadership and market leadership.

Each of these areas contributes to a powerful dynamic not only at the Kellogg School, but in the larger business world as well. We believe that Kellogg best serves its students, alumni, faculty and friends by ensuring that the learnings taking root here in the classroom grow to flower in the world outside.

To make certain our leadership curriculum thrives, we are providing students with an excellent environment in which to learn team leadership skills. Through workshops, conferences and intensive collaborative classroom experiences, Kellogg students distinguish themselves from their peers as truly unique.

To promote Kellogg School thought leadership, we continue to provide our faculty with all the resources necessary for their teaching and research to remain unparalleled. Scholarship must remain the cornerstone of our success.

Our faculty have worked to build a community of scholars whose knowledge products demonstrate both rigor and relevance. We understand that “theory” divorced from “practice” may provide interesting insights, but insights that can be ill-suited for real-world applications. And “practice” without theoretical frameworks is like a rudderless ship.

In addition, we are encouraging powerful collaborations between our faculty and students. Such partnerships have long formed the basis of the Kellogg culture, but now we are pursuing initiatives that allow students to become co-creators of knowledge.

To increase the Kellogg School’s impact in the corporate world, we have redoubled our efforts to create partnerships with top companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Motorola and International Paper. We also are exploring new roles for Kellogg collaboration in top government agencies. In all these efforts, we employ our marketing leadership insights to help our partners become the very best.

We also continue building strengths into our top-ranked Executive Education Program. Alongside our established courses, we have added important new offerings, such as Creating the Market-Focused Organization, Driving Strategic Results Through IT Portfolio Management, and Strategies for Improving Directors’ Effectiveness. Kellogg is exporting the Executive Education experience to London, Paris, Zurich and Frankfurt in May and September of this year. I am co-teaching these sessions and hope to see some of you there.

We encourage you to remain connected with the developments at the Kellogg School. Our participation, together, ensures that Kellogg remains a place where scholarship and friendship flourish.

Warmest personal regards,

Dipak C. Jain

P.S. This issue of Kellogg World represents one indication of the strength of the Kellogg School alumni network. At 120 pages, including 80 pages of class and club news, it is the largest magazine we have ever produced, and it would not have been possible without your enthusiastic participation.

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