Costis Skiadas

FINC 585–1: Asset Pricing I

Fall 2022

A doctoral-level course that offers an in-depth introduction to competitive asset pricing theory: arbitrage pricing, mean-variance analysis, competitive equilibrium and optimal consumption/portfolio choice. There is equal emphasis on sound economics and well-motivated methodology, which includes an introduction to continuous-time methods of arbitrage pricing and dynamic consumption and portfolio choice with recursive utility.

Prerequisites: Linear algebra, convex optimization and some probability theory, all at an introductory graduate level. As preparation for this class, please review Appendix B of the posted textbook. You do not need to read every proof, but be familiar with the basic definitions and results.

Textbook: Introduction to the Economics and Mathematics of Competitive Financial Markets. (For the latest version, you may need to reload the web page.)

Grading: Weekly assignments

Office Hours: Immediately following every lecture or by appointment.