Jacopo Ponticelli

Associate Professor of Finance

Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
Global Hub, Office 4485
2211 Campus Dr, Evanston, IL 60208
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Published and Accepted Papers

Credit Allocation under Economic Stimulus: Evidence from China
(with Will Cong, Haoyu Gao, and Xiaoguang Yang)
Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming, 2019
[Paper] [doi] [Coverage: Bloomberg View, Vox China, Chicago Booth Review ]
2017 China Financial Research Conference Best Paper Award

Household Debt and Recession in Brazil
(with Gabriel Garber, Atif Mian and Amir Sufi)
Handbook of U.S. Consumer Economics, forthcoming, 2019.
[Paper] [NBER WP version] [Coverage: New York Times]

Court Enforcement, Bank Loans and Firm Investment: Evidence from a Bankruptcy Reform in Brazil
(with Leonardo S. Alencar)
Quarterly Journal of Economics, 131(3): 1365-1413, 2016.
[Paper] [doi] [Web Appendix] [Coverage: Folha de Sao Paulo]
Central Bank of Brazil - Best Working Paper Award 2017 (First Prize)

Agricultural Productivity and Structural Transformation: Evidence from Brazil
(with Paula Bustos and Bruno Caprettini)
American Economic Review, 106(6): 1320-1365, 2016.
[Paper] [doi] [Web Appendix] [Replication Files] [Coverage: BGSE Focus]

Papers under Revision

Capital Accumulation and Structural Transformation
(with Paula Bustos and Gabriel Garber)
Revise and Resubmit at the Quarterly Journal of Economics
[Paper version: July 2017] [Coverage: Kellogg Insight]

Working Papers

Going Bankrupt in China
(with Bo Li)
[Paper version: September 2018] [Coverage: Harvard Law School, Oxford Business Law Blog]

Structural Transformation, Industrial Specialization and Endogenous Growth
(with Paula Bustos, J.M. Castro Vincenzi, and Joan Monras)
[Paper version: December 2018] [CEPR DP version]

Caught with the Hand in the Cookie Jar: Firm Growth and Labor Reallocation after Exposure of Corrupt Practices
(with Spyros Lagaras and Margarita Tsoutsoura)
[Paper version: November 2017]

Austerity and Anarchy: Budget Cuts and Social Unrest in Europe, 1919-2008
(with Joachim Voth)
[Paper version: November 2017]