Filippo Mezzanotti

Associate Professor of Finance

Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management

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"Shocks and Technology Adoption: Evidence from Electronic Payment Systems "

(with Nicolas Crouzet and Apoorv Gupta), The Journal of Political Economy, 2023

"Financial Disruptions and the Organization of Innovation: Evidence from the Great Depression"

(with Tania Babina, Asaf Bernstein), The Review of Financial Studies, 2023.

This work has previously circulated as "Crisis Innovation."

"Investor Tax Credits and Entrepreneurship: Evidence from U.S. States"

(with Matthew Denes, Sabrina Howell, Xinxin Wang, and Ting Xu), The Journal of Finance, 2023

This work builds on two previous papers "Financing Entrepreneurship through the Tax Code: Angel Investor Tax Credits," by Howell and Mezzanotti (NBER WP), and "Financing Entrepreneurship: Tax Incentives for Early-Stage Investors" by Denes, Wang, and Xu.

"Capital Destruction and Economic Growth: The Effects of Sherman's March, 1850-1920"

(with James J. Feigenbaum, and James Lee), American Economic Journal: Applied, 2022

"Roadblock to Innovation: The Role of Patent Litigation in Corporate R&D"

Management Science, 2021

"Sovereign debt exposure and the bank lending channel: impact on credit supply and the real economy"

(with Margherita Bottero, and Simone Lenzu), Journal of International Economics, 2020.

"Patent Policy and American Innovation After eBay: An Empirical Examination"

(with Tim Simcoe), Research Policy, 2019

"Private Equity and Financial Fragility during the Crisis"

(with Shai Bernstein and Josh Lerner), The Review of Financial Studies, 2019

Other Publications

"Private Equity and Portfolio Companies: Lessons from the Global Financial Crisis"

(with Shai Bernstein and Josh Lerner), Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, 2020

Working Papers

"Research and/or Development? Financial Frictions and Innovation Investment"

(with Tim Simcoe), September 2023, R&R The Journal of Finance

"Demographics and Technology Diffusion: Evidence from Mobile Payments"

(with Nicolas Crouzet, Pulak Ghosh, and Apoorv Gupta), April 2024

"Innovation and Appropriability: Revisiting the Role of Intellectual Property"

(with Tim Simcoe), September 2023

"Technology Adoption and Career Concerns: Evidence from the Adoption of Digital Technology in Motion Pictures"

(with Grant Goehring and S. Abraham Ravid), February 2024

"Bank Distress and Manufacturing: Evidence from the Great Depression"

(with James Lee), August 2017