Registration with other Northwestern Schools

Students in the Full-Time MBA program may enroll in up to one credit per quarter of non-Kellogg Northwestern classes. These classes are not available through the bidding system, so to register for them you will need to:

  1. Investigate course availability through the school offering the class. (View other Northwestern Schools)
  2. Contact the department offering the class, and request a permission number. *(For Medill classes, you must obtain permission from the department)
  3. Bring or email the permission number/email approval to the Kellogg Office of Registration, to process the enrollment.

Please note that you must adhere to the add/drop dates listed in the University Registrar's Academic Calendar.

GPA, Term Limits, and Degree Hours

Non-Kellogg Northwestern classes will count in your GPA and your 5-credit per-term limit, but will not count towards your degree hours unless you receive approval from Academic Services. To count towards your degree, a class must be:

  • graduate-level
  • relevant to your career or academic goals
  • must have content not available through any Kellogg course

You may petition to have a non-Kellogg class count towards your degree by emailing the above information to

Audting and Pass/No-Credit

To audit a non-Kellogg class, or take it Pass/No-Credit, you will need to work with the department offering the class for permission.

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