Bidding & Registration

Online Course Bidding and Registration System - Login Required
The course bidding system is a process for registering in Kellogg's full-time MBA courses. Part-time course request information can be found here.

Tips for Using the Bidding System

Historical Bidding Statistics - Login Required
View past course capacities, bid counts and closing costs sorted by term, department, faculty member, or course name.

Teacher Course Evaluations (TCE) - Login Required
View recent Kellogg student evaluations of their professors and courses. TCE (Teacher-Course Evaluations) are an important source of feedback on teaching effectiveness, and provide information about what students believe they have learned.

kPlan is a student-created and student-maintained course planning tool for the convenience of current Kellogg students. The historical bidding statistics found on kPlan are not necessarily indicative of future bid requirements, and students should bid in accordance with their desire to take the course in question. Please note that the Records & Registration department and Kellogg Information Services take no responsibility for the validity of any of the data on the kPlan website.

Removing Holds - Login Required
Check your student account on CAESAR to view any holds on your account. Contact the University office that placed the hold to have it removed.

Pass / No Pass Credit
Kellogg students in pursuit of an MBA degree are allowed to elect the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option to take a more aggressive class schedule or to try out new subjects.

Received Waivers - Login Required
Check waiver results if you have applied for a waiver or taken a waiver exam.

Updating Your Personal Information

Prerequisites and Co-requisites
Instructions on how to request a prerequisite waiver and bid for courses with co-requisites

Office of Registrar (NU)
The Northwestern University registrar website includes links to the undergraduate academic calendar, CAESAR, official transcript requests and course schedules.