2014 Student Startups

  • SkillLane  | Ekachat Assavarujikul '14

    Online education for young professionals in Thailand.

    SkillLane is an online school for young professionals in Thailand. Teachers can create online courses by uploading videos and other multimedia files.  On the other hand, students can study online courses by logging into the website. SkillLane aims to enhance the learning environment in Thailand. Teach and learn with us at www.SkillLane.com.

  • Snackerie  | Lorena Arathoon '15

    The most enjoyable way to eat fruit, in the form of a crunchy, flavor-packed chip.

    Snackerie was conceived with the idea of providing the world with an easy and convenient way of eating fruit and living a healthier life. With that in mind, Snackerie created Tasu 100% real fruit chips. The delicious, crunchy, flavor-packed snack takes the guilt out of snacking as it is made with 100% fruit, no additives or preservatives. Learn more about Snackerie's products at www.snackerie.com.

  • Better Together  | Kate Yeskey '15 and Emily Gipple '15

    Enables seniors to age in place.

    Better Together provides a sustainable and scalable way to help female seniors “age in place” – remain in their homes as they age. We do this by fostering woman-to-woman home sharing arrangements between female seniors with underutilized space in their homes and responsible adults who are seeking affordable housing. Learn more at www.bettertogetherhs.com.

  • ClinkCloud  | Bruce Klink

    Social trending news.

    ClinkCloud delivers social trending news to users & their friends. Users rank content to determine what is trending, and also customize their own feeds to receive top 10 trending lists most relevant to them. Try it out today at www.ClinkCloud.com.

  • Co-Hop  | Aaron Hollub '14 and Evan Demchick '14

    A BREW-cubator helping craft brewers succeed.

    The CO-HOP concept was created to address critical pain points faced by new entrants in the expanding craft beer market. Brewing in a CO-HOP cooperative brewery setting removes highly dilutive capital requirements, low margins, and other hurdles commonly faced in scaling a craft beer brand. A high foot traffic taproom and retail storefront motivate on-site sales.

  • Page Vault  | Jeffrey Eschbach '14

    The internet as evidence.

    Page Vault enables lawyers to easily and securely capture web content for future use as evidence. Its intuitive, cloud-based solution complies with established evidence collection protocols to greatly simplify admission into US courts. Learn more at www.page-vault.com.

  • Innoblative Designs  | Jason Sandler '15 and Tyler Wanke '15

    Making breast cancer treatment faster, safer, more convenient, and less expensive.

    Innoblative has designed an ablation probe that will allow surgeons to perform an intra-operative procedure that destroys residual cancer cells in minutes instead of weeks, does not require dangerous ionizing radiation, and dramatically reduces treatment costs as compared to conventional therapy. Learn more at innoblativedesigns.com.

  • Chisel | Westin Hatch '14

    Typing, Drawing, Annotating, Seamlessly.

    Chisel is a tablet app that allows users to take notes by typing, drawing, or annotating all from within a structured and intuitive UI. Users in a class, lecture, meeting, or conference setting need the ability to type, draw, and annotate on documents while still maintaining structure and speed of note-taking. Chisel's intuitive and simple UI makes this possible.

  • ChattingCat | April (Yong Kyung) Kim '14

    Instant English correction service by native-speakers.

    ChattingCat is a platform that connects non-native speakers who want to write better English to native speakers who want to help them. Non-native speakers get instant correction of their written English. ChattingCat changes the way people learn to write foreign language and enables them to confidently write English for professional communication. Watch the ChattingCat video.

  • Giverosity, Inc. | Taylor Brown '14

    Providing a streamlined way to donate to underprivileged children.

    Giverosity, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit corporation, aims to provide an efficient and enjoyable way to donate gifts to underprivileged children. Giverosity cuts out all the hassle of the traditional methods of donations -- no shopping, wrapping, or delivery, so that people with big hearts but little time can give back during the holiday season. Click to give at giverosity.com today!

  • Madison Gift Club  | Ryan Griffith '14

    Madison Gift Club (MGC) is a site that helps men purchase more thoughtful and unique gifts. We pair customers up with a personal shopper who curate and recommend three gifts based on the recipient's style profile. Learn more at www.madisongiftclub.com.

  • Measure  | Jeremy O'Briant '14

    The easiest and fastest way to post open jobs across the web and find great talent.

    Measure is the fastest way for growing companies to post open positions across the web. Manage your open positions on Indeed, Monster, Craigslist, GlassDoor and 20+ other leading job boards in just one place with one account. Try it out today at www.TryMeasure.com.

  • Leonard and Church | Christopher Chon '14

    Leonard & Church is a New York City-based lifestyle brand that believes in quality craftsmanship and no middlemen. The brand launched on Kickstarter with a simple goal: offer meticulously crafted, high quality timepieces at a radical price point. Read more at www.leonardandchurch.com.