Bidding and Registration

Kellogg Bidding and Registration System
The course bidding system is a process for registering in Kellogg's full-time and part-time MBA degree program classes.  Click here for system requirements.  Incoming students: New students do NOT bid for their first quarter of enrollment.  Please visit the New Student Welcome Site for more information on how to register.  

Bidding and Registration Resources
  • Summer 2015 Bidding and Registration Dates
  • Bidding and Registration Rules
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Bidding FAQ
  • Bidding and Registration Training Presentation
  • Historical Enrollment Data - enrollment data is to be used to help determine Summer 2015 course popularity.  The spreadsheet represents:
    • Prior enrollment information for the Summer 2015 PTMBA classes offered on the Chicago campus. 
    • When available, Summer 2013 and 2014 is provided for Summer 2015 offerings 
    • Prior two quarters of PTMBA enrollment information is provided for Investments (FINC-460) and Analytical Decision Modeling (OPNS-450) which were not taught in Summer 2013 or 2014 
    • No data is provided for Personal Leadership Insights (MORS-935-C)  since this is the first time it is being taught on the Chicago campus.
    • The enrollment numbers were taken at the end of all add/drop period
    • Note that sometimes there are wait lists even though the number of enrolled students is less than the max; this is because students on the waitlist either changed plans (or did not attend the first class for a first-class mandatory section)
  • NEW! Summer 2015 Phase I Bidding Results

NEW! Course Planning
Course Planning is a new tool for students to identify courses of interest and plan when they will take them during their time at Kellogg.  Course planning is currently available in beta mode for Part-Time students.

Course Catalog & Schedules
Search the latest MBA course catalog and class offerings. Review course descriptions, pre-requisites, syllabi, final exam schedules and search past, current, & future class schedules.

Teacher Course Evaluations (TCE) - Login Required
View recent Kellogg student evaluations of their professors and courses. TCE (Teacher-Course Evaluations) are an important source of feedback on teaching effectiveness, and provide information about what students believe they have learned. 

Program Planning Guides (Degree Requirements)
The program planning guide is designed to assist students as they progress through the program.  The first section provides a list of all degree requirements as a checklist.  The second section highlights the requirements and suggestions for planning your program.

Removing Holds - Login Required
If you have a hold on your account, you will not be able to register. Check your student account via CAESAR so that you can make certain that you do not have any holds. If you have a financial hold on your student record, you will need to contact Student Accounts at (312) 503-8503 and clear your record with them before you can register. If you have a health hold on your account, please contact NU Health Services at (847) 491-2203. For all other holds, please contact

Pass / No Pass Credit
Kellogg students in pursuit of an MBA degree are allowed to elect the Pass/No Credit (P/NC) option to take a more aggressive class schedule or to try out new subjects.

Received Waivers - Login Required
Check waiver results if you have applied for a waiver or taken a waiver exam. Further information about applying for core course waivers is available.

Independent Study Information - Word Document
Students who have established superior academics records and who wish to study more in depth than what is provided in regular courses may register for independent study with a selected instructor. Permission of the instructor and the department is required.

Enrollment Verification

Students can obtain enrollment verification via CAESAR. Steps on how to obtain an Enrollment Verification can be found here. Students have the option to either print out the verification themselves or have the verification mailed to a specified address.