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Supervised Students, Theses and Projects

PhD Advisor: principal advisor of:
1. Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu (Kellogg PhD 2007). Now assistant Professor of Operations, Technology and Innovation Management (OTIM) at Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina.

2. Tingliang Huang (Kellogg PhD 2011). Now Assistant Professor at University College London.

3. Ruomeng Cui.

PhD Theses: co-advisor and/or dissertation committee member of

  1. Bingxiao Wu (Kellogg OM PhD in second year)
  2. Umut Aytekin (IEMS 2005)
  3. Biying Shou (IEMS 2004).
  4. Gilles Reinhardt (MECS 1998), "Coal Movement By Railroad." Assistant Professor, De Paul University
  5. Jennifer Ryan (IEMS 1997), "Analysis of Inventory Models with Limited Demand Information." Assistant Professor, Purdue University.

Master Theses: supervisor of WHU EMBA students:

  1. Process Flow Analysis and Optimization for a Medium Size Manufacturer of Power Transformers - An Operations Management Study. By Dr.-Ing. Mario Schenk, Aug 2006.
  2. How to measure the efficiency in your two-tiered marketing channel. Study case: Hewlett-Packard EMEA Supplies Business. By Danijel Puco, Aug 2006.
  3. Operational Efficiency in Asset Management. By Peter Richter, 2005.
  4. Lear Corp.: supplying interior products to GM's Opel Leanfield. By Hubert Fisher, Dec. 2003.
  5. Hammoud Hospital: Applying operations management analysis to improve the performance of the operating rooms. By Diana Hammoud, Sept 2003.
  6. Amer Sports Europe: Re-designing the European Distribution Logistics for a Multi-Brand Consumer Goods Company. By Thomas Henkel, Dec 2002.
  7. Managing customer-centric value networks. By Christoph Lieth, June 2002.
  8. Bombardier Transportation Italy: Internal Material Supply in the Italian Railways Industry. By Karsten Drath, Dec 2001.
  9. Analysis of Procurement using an acquisition card. By Jesus Lopez Marin, Dec 2001.
  10. e-Supply Chain Management - The Impact of E -Commerce on Traditional Supply Chain Management. By Michael Wiedemann, Dec 2000.

Independent Studies/Integration Projects: supervisor of

  1. Measuring supplier flexibility for Harley Davidson.  By Bruno Carriel, Sumanth Gargi, Alvin Leung, Alejandro Solis Yamuni, and Chetan Paydenkar.  Spring 2009.
  2. Sourcing strategy for ITW Paslode. By Ernest Chan, Craig Lan, Joel Mendel and Andre Ohnona. March 2008.
  3. Integration of two ITW Food Equipment Group businesses.  By Erik Conroy, Brandon L. Edlefsen, Shuchi Gupta, Pankaj Jaggi, Alex Riemer. March 2007.
  4. Acquisition and Plant Integration at ITW Shakeproof. By Luis X. Aleman, Rachel A. Brecher, Carla C. Esteva, Matthew C Lippert, Lynn Valcarcel. March 2006.
  5. Global Capacity Planning at Abbott International. By Jason Braun, Leo Castro, Lewis Lin, Scott Pitcock, Ulrich Seidel. April 2004.
  6. Eastman Resins. By Chris Pratt, Katerina Athanasopoulos, Tomo Hosoda, Juhan Kim, Emily Sun. May 2003.
  7. Sun Microsystems: supplier management. By Michael Goldstein,Doug Leadon, Jack Lee. April 2002.
  8. Eaton Corporation: Product Profitability Assessment. By Robb Hoenick, Southard Jones, Hideaki Omura, Trey Pruitt . May 2001.

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