Executive Scholar Certificate

What is the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate?

Participants are awarded a Certificate of Professional Achievement after completion of a combination of core and elective open enrollment programs. To achieve an Executive Scholar Certificate, participants are required to complete a minimum of 4 programs totaling 13 full days in the classroom within 5 years. Please note - the Nonprofit Management Executive Scholar Certificate has separate requirements.

For more information, contact the Executive Scholar Certification Advisor at scholars@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Kellogg Executive Scholar?

There is no separate fee required to become an Executive Scholar - you are automatically enrolled when you take your first qualifying program. However, anyone interested in becoming a Scholar is encouraged to complete a formal application. The application serves to inform the school of your intention to become an Executive Scholar, it helps the school monitor your progress through your track, and also serves as a tool to be used by you and the Executive Scholar Advisor in order to ensure that all programs in your track will qualify for a Certificate. The application is non-binding and does not obligate you to attend any programs. Your program choices can certainly change over time, as long as they still fit within the curriculum guidelines. You can download this form on our web site. Upon completion of the required programs, you will be awarded a Certificate of Professional Achievement.

Why should I consider the Executive Scholar Certificate?

The Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate provides a practical, flexible, yet academically rigorous way to achieve your specific professional goals. With over forty programs in our executive education portfolio, you can tailor a curriculum track around your individual needs. Perhaps you need more training in general management, but don't have time for a three- or four-week program. Or you may want to reposition yourself in your company, refresh prior education, or sharpen a specific skill. Whatever your professional development goals are, the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate may be the ideal way to achieve them.

How will the Kellogg Executive Scholar Certificate benefit me and my organization?

Kellogg develops programs around some of the business world's most challenging issues. Kellogg's unique collaborative approach immerses those who love to learn in provocative new ways to explore complex business problems. As such, Kellogg's programs directly benefit both the individual and the organization.

As an Executive Scholar, you will:

  • Pursue a curriculum specific to your needs in an intellectually vibrant environment that promotes collaboration and practical application of knowledge
  • Learn from and interact with our world-class faculty and your fellow business executives as you expand your global network
  • Strengthen your professional credentials with recognition of your achievement from Kellogg, a world leader in executive education
  • Enjoy a wealth of lifelong learning and networking benefits as a Kellogg executive education alum

As the sponsor of an Executive Scholar, your organization will benefit because:

  • Executive Scholar tracks provide a flexible way to develop current and future leaders
  • Our vast program offerings allow your organization to address a variety of competencies
  • Team members return to work with perspectives from other companies and industries
  • The practical curriculum allows executives to return to work and immediately apply what they have learned
  • Your team will be able to better tackle the challenges your organization faces, having learned from Kellogg faculty and a diverse peer group of seasoned executives from around the world

Become an Executive Scholar today to take your career to new heights.

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For Rick Parrin, the Kellogg experience has been all about relevancy.

I chose Kellogg for executive education because two of my family members attended, and it has a solid reputation. At the start, I was concerned that the courses would be more academic, but I found that the classes brought in folks who were in touch with the reality of business.

Rick Parrin, Assistant Vice President H & R Block

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