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Innovating New Products and Services

Establish a New Development Process

Previously named: Managing New Products and Services for Strategic Competitive Advantage

Professor Tom KuzmarskiLed by an impressive faculty team — innovation experts with broad knowledge and deep experience — this program will help you identify new product and service strategies that give you a competitive edge in the marketplace. You’ll learn new techniques for creating an innovation mindset; market entry and positioning strategies; segmentation tools and techniques; mass customization; product design and development; building cross-functional teams; and rewarding and motivating team performance.

Armed with new tools, you’ll return to your organization ready to move your big ideas forward — from concept to market and beyond.

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Upcoming Sessions

  1. Mid-level and senior executives involved in developing and managing new products
  2. General managers, vice presidents and executives in functional areas such as marketing, sales, business development, consulting, design, operations and research and development
  3. Multiple participants from the same organization who share innovating responsibilities
In this program, you will:
  1. Identify approaches for establishing an innovation mindset in your organization
  2. Create a new product/service development process
  3. Develop strategies for marketing new products and services
  4. Collect and leverage customer insights to find new value propositions
  5. Analyze the role of supply chain optimization in new product development
  6. Generate strategies for integrating research and development, design, intellectual property, production and marketing
  7. Explore best practices in both product and service industries

Creating an Innovation Mindset

  1. Linking innovation to corporate and long-term strategy
  2. Developing innovation metrics
  3. Leading innovative organizations

Gaining Customer Insights

  1. Assessing new market opportunities
  2. Creating the opportunities brief

Developing Value Propositions for New Products and Services

  1. Inputs and outputs for new proposition development
  2. Value propositions and the business ecosystem

New Product Marketing Strategies

  1. Understanding market-driven versus market-driving strategies
  2. Evaluating speed to market
  3. Developing strategies for late entry

Strategic Segmentation

  1. New product/service positioning strategies
  2. Segmentation tools and techniques
  3. Designing an effective marketing plan

Innovation and Intellectual Property

  1. Transferring value of property across product life cycle
  2. Capturing intellectual property value across the organization

Differentiating New Service Experiences

  1. New service/product customer experience development
  2. Service experience mapping

Product/Service Portfolio Management

  1. The supply chain and product launch analytics
  2. Optimizing total landed cost with sourcing constraints
James Gerard Conley - Academic Director; Clinical Professor of Technology

Thomas D. Kuczmarski - Academic Director; Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Programs; Academic Director for CRTI Executive Programs

Gad Allon - Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

Diane Dahl - Founder and President, The Hartell Group Inc.

Lakshman Krishnamurthi - A. Montgomery Ward Professor of Marketing

Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

What Past Participants Say

  • "Hard-hitting, relevant information I can immediately put into practice to make my company more competitive."
    - Business Unit Manager, Milwaukee Electric Tool
  • "This program really helped me in building new concepts and knowing how to create a new mindset for the corporation."
    - Material Development Manager, Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
  • "An excellent executive program for understanding ways to foster, manage, and profit from innovation in today's economy."
    - Program Director, Invensys
  • "The single best thing about this program is that the instructors are also practitioners. They don't just write books and espouse theories, they are out at companies thinking about how to maximize brands."
    - Market Research Manager, UCB Pharma

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