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The Science of Lean Operations

Identify and Alleviate Bottlenecks in Your Process

Professor Jan Van MeighamPreviously named: The Science of Lean Six Sigma Operations

Generate a sustainable advantage in cost, quality, speed and customer service to achieve world-class performance. Using real-world case studies, group workshops and animated computer simulation models, you will explore a framework for diagnosing, improving and designing effective processing systems and for identifying leverage points with the greatest impact on the bottom line.

The business process flow paradigm examines an organization as a collection of business flows with a critical link between operational drivers and strategic success. You will analyze a set of "laws" representing the core science of lean operation in a collaborative learning environment. These tools provide a firm scientific foundation for the practice of lean six sigma operations to put into action in your organization.

This program is not meant to prepare managers for Six Sigma certification, but rather focuses on using Six Sigma as well as other measurements and tools to drive more efficient business strategies and processes.

Operations Management Week
You may combine this program with our Supply Chain Management program in Operations Management Week. When taken consecutively, these programs are offered at a discount and provide an executive summary of the innovative approach to operations management used in the highly-acclaimed Kellogg MBA program.
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    June 7-9, 2015
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
If you are a high-level manufacturing or service manager who shapes your organization’s operations vision, or a manager who wants to improve your existing systems, this program is designed for you.

Consultants and engineers who seek to justify the cost of improvement projects, and production-control specialists are encouraged to attend.
During this course, you will:
  1. Link day-to-day operational details to business strategies
  2. Analyze process flows to target improvement efforts
  3. Work with your systems’ natural tendencies to develop customized policies for your environment
  4. Identify strategies for increasing throughput, shortening flow time, reducing variability, and improving quality
The Strategic Role of Operations
  1. Strategic operations framework
  2. The Business Process Flows Framework
  3. Concepts and applications
  4. Defining improvement
  5. Analyzing process flows: basic operational measures

The Toyota Production System

  1. Diagnosing common problems
  2. Making improvements

Science of Lean and Six Sigma

  1. Improvement strategies including lean, Six Sigma, kaizen and TQM
  2. Historical perspective
  3. Translating strategy into policy

Basic Process Dynamics

  1. WIP, flow time, throughput relationships
  2. Little’s Law
  3. Internal benchmarking
  4. Analyzing bottlenecks

Variability Basics

  1. Variability measures
  2. Process and flow variability
  3. Downtime, setups and other variability sources

The Corrupting Influence of Variability

  1. Mechanics of congestion
  2. Batching effects
  3. Buffering with WIP, capacity, service
  4. Diagnostics

Push and Pull Production

  1. The "magic" of pull
  2. Kanban
Jan A. Van Mieghem - Academic Director; Harold L. Stuart Professor of Managerial Economics; Professor of Operations Management, Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

Gad Allon - Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

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