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Growth and Innovation Week

You may combine Driving Organic Growth with Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation to participate in Growth and Innovation Week. Combining the programs provides leaders with the framework to capitalize on opportunities for innovation and growth in their companies.

Driving Organic Growth through Innovation
Top Kellogg faculty and industry leaders present a rigorous and market-tested approach to drive reliable and sustainable organic growth initiatives. Participants gain tools for strategic planning, decision making, managing risks, and securing market position for innovations. Participants learn to think more holistically about innovation and growth, and leave the program able to put a growth process into action. 

Creating and Leading a Culture of Innovation
In this program, you will be challenged to take an introspective look at your own leadership style, values, and impact—and how to create an innovation mindset and culture. Many companies focus on streamlining and cost-cutting to achieve short-term earnings growth. Winning managers, though, are always seeking new ways to create value by launching new products and services, entering new markets, or rethinking established processes.

Upcoming Sessions

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    September 25-30, 2016
    Combined program fee includes lodging and most meals.
There are three components required to support sustainable, innovation driven growth in any business:

A supportive leadership that takes ownership of the total effort including creating
A culture that supports innovation and a
Process that drives it

During Growth and Innovation Week participants will learn how to connect and effectively apply the three key components that support and generate growth and innovation.

Consider combining these two programs, at a discounted rate, maximize your time with us, and come away with a complete picture of how to meet the growth challenge in your organization.

  1. Senior level executives at medium and large-size companies
  2. Executives responsible for developing a culture of innovation and implementing growth at their companies
  3. Business unit leaders, business development, and marketing leaders
  4. Cross-functional growth and innovation teams
  5. Managers leading innovation initiatives

Consider combining these two programs, at a discounted rate, maximize your time with us, and come away with a complete picture of how to meet the growth challenge in your organization.

  1. Understand the potential pitfalls in growth and how to overcome them using a market-proven process for driving organic growth
  2. Create innovative business designs to drive growth
  3. Proactively manage business risk in innovation and growth
  4. Determine how to expand and secure value capture
  5. Manage your growth portfolio
  6. How to institutionalize the growth engine in your companies
  7. Create your own innovative leadership plan strategy
  8. Learn tools and techniques for effectively leading innovators
Robert A. Cooper - Academic Director; Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Programs

James Gerard Conley - Clinical Professor of Technology

Diane Dahl - Founder and President, The Hartell Group Inc.

Harry M. Kraemer - Clinical Professor of Strategy

Susan Smith Kuczmarski - Leadership Expert and Social Scientist

Thomas D. Kuczmarski - Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Programs; Academic Director for CRTI Executive Programs

Mohanbir Sawhney - McCormick Foundation Chair of Technology; Clinical Professor of Marketing; Director of the Center for Research in Technology & Innovation

Mary Ellen Weber - Former Astronaut and Managing Director Stellar Strategies, LLC.

Robert Wolcott - Clinical Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Co-Founder and Executive Director, Kellogg Innovation Network

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