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Finance for Executives

Claim Your Seat In Financial Discussions

Marian PowersSenior Kellogg faculty members have created this immersive program in finance expressly for executive decision-makers in nonfinance functions. In a highly collaborative and supportive learning environment, you’ll develop a comprehensive view of shareholder value creation and the key role executives like you play in the process.

To complement the lectures, you’ll spend time in working sessions with the faculty and fellow class members applying theory to practice. With a heavy emphasis on real-life case examples, the program will give you hands-on experience interpreting financial reports, evaluating investments, applying valuation methods and exploring the implications of strategic decisions on cash flow and stock price.

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Upcoming Sessions

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    October 30 - November 4, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  • Apply Online
    May 7-12, 2017
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Executives who make or contribute to decisions with significant financial implications
  2. Managers with profit-and-loss responsibility in marketing, operations, human resources, engineering and other nonfinancial areas
  3. Note: No background in finance is required
    1. Contribute more meaningfully to financial decision making
    2. Talk numbers with confidence
    3. Read, understand and interpret financial statements
    4. Evaluate investment opportunities
    5. Understand the implications of financial decisions on firm value
    Interpreting Financial Reports
    1. Identify the conceptual underpinnings of corporate reporting
    2. Read and understand corporate financial statements
    3. Conduct a qualitative assessment of financial performance

    Evaluating Investments

    1. Understand investment evaluation criteria
    2. Estimate cash flows, including the consequences of product cannibalization, shared production facilities and inflation
    3. Apply discounted cash flow and multiples-based valuation methods
    4. Understand strategic acquisitions

    Financial Decisions and Value Creation

    1. Expand your knowledge of financial markets
    2. Evaluate alternative sources of capital for short- and long-term financing
    3. Manage capital structure
    4. Estimate the cost of capital
    5. Understand how the stock market responds to financial decisions

    Optional Offer: Accounting Tutorial

    Participants in this program consistently point to the optional, pre-program accounting tutorial as an important value-added component of the program. Led by Professor Powers, the tutorial focuses on financial reports, how to read between the lines and what auditors look for. You can register for this option when you enroll.
    Michael J. Fishman - Academic Director; Norman Strunk Professor of Financial Institutions; Professor of Finance

    Artur Raviv - Academic Director; Alan E. Peterson Professor of Finance

    Marian Powers - Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

    What Past Participants Say

    • "Extremely valuable. This program gave me a new perspective for looking at finance, I can now ask relevant questions."
      Director of Market Development, Nortel Networks
    • "Excellent session presenting focused lessons in key financial decisions through practical case examples."
      General Manager, Planning, BP International

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