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Executive Operations Experience

From Strategy to Execution


The Kellogg School of Management presents this opportunity for senior executives to explore integrated, end-to-end industrial operations within the state-of-the-art experiential learning environment of the McKinsey Capability Center in Atlanta.

The program provides top executives like you the skills necessary for streamlining and enhancing operations. Using multiple instructional approaches, the program matches the academic firepower of the Kellogg School with the superior consulting expertise of McKinsey & Company. You will develop operational strategy and leadership skills, gain insights into supply chain management and acquire the tools to combine capability building with financial impact to achieve success. You’ll learn lean operations principles that will strengthen production processes, improve effectiveness, increase efficiency and elevate customer satisfaction. For more information e-mail us or call 847.467.7000 today.

Upcoming Sessions

  1. Senior-level executives who oversee strategy and operations
  2. High-level executives who want to improve their operational systems
  3. Non-operations executives who wish to increase their knowledge outside their areas of expertise
Learn how to:
  1. Apply strategy and operations management techniques to your organization, including the use of financial and performance metrics
  2. Recognize challenges across all areas of your organization and solve problems using a creative, collaborative approach
  3. Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  4. Develop analytical thinking skills to lead beyond your own function
  5. Test your skills inside experiential learning labs that mimic real-world business conditions
  6. Implement lean operations principles to streamline and standardize processes, reduce flow time, increase performance and enhance quality
  7. Gain the skills necessary to work collaboratively across functions from the best in academia and consulting

Operations Strategy

  1. Learn the latest developments in operations strategy and research
  2. Discover how to apply innovative strategy techniques to your organization
  3. Understand how to improve financial metrics, such as ROIC, through operations
  4. Learn competitive operations benchmarking
  5. Develop agile operations strategies to provide flexibility within your business

Lean Operations

  1. Gain insight into world-class lean operations principles
  2. Examine the Toyota Production System
  3. Identify opportunities to ensure operations use resources productively
  4. Employ lean tools and techniques for optimizing production processes

Gad Allon - Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Kellogg School of Management
Expertise in operations strategy and service operations management

Les Kalman  - Senior Expert, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company

Jan Van Mieghem - Harold L. Stuart Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences; Professor of Operations Management, Kellogg School of Management
Expertise in manufacturing, service and supply chain operations and strategy

Javier Estrella - Manager, McKinsey Capability Center - Atlanta, McKinsey & Co.
Expertise in operations transformation and capability building through experiential learning

Markus Hammer - Senior Expert, Global Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company, EOE Program Leader
Expertise in lean and green operations transformation and capability-building programs

Detlef Kayser - Director, Operations Practice, McKinsey & Company; EOE Program Sponsor and Leader of Global Manufacturing Practice
Expertise in large-scale cross-functional operations improvement programs 

Amy Radermacher - Expert, Sustainability & Resource Productivity Practice, McKinsey & Co.
Expertise in lean and green operations transformations and capability building through experiential learning
Your program fee includes classroom instruction, program materials, breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks. Accommodations are not included.

Suggested Accommodations
Courtyard Atlanta Midtown/Georgia Tech
1132 Techwood Dr NW
Atlanta, GA

W Atlanta Midtown Hotel
188 14th Street NE
Atlanta, GA

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