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Constructive Collaboration: Driving Performance in Teams, Organizations, and Partnerships

Drive Performance and Value Creation

students in classWell-designed collaboration powers value creation and sparks creativity. In this intensely interactive program, you’ll learn the conditions and competencies that foster highly productive collaboration at the individual, team and organizational levels and how to build and sustain these in your company and its people.

At the individual level, you’ll explore collaboration styles, behaviors and approaches for working with business partners, colleagues, competitors and customers. At the team level, you’ll examine the multiple interests and perspectives that challenge effective collaboration. Organizationally, you’ll learn the conditions for successful collaboration in joint ventures, mergers and alliances, as well as interdepartmental and cross-departmental initiatives. Download a Brochure

Upcoming Sessions

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    March 7-10, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  • Apply Online
    November 7-10, 2016
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Middle- and senior-level executives who coordinate activities among multiple constituencies
  2. Individuals seeking to enhance collaboration with business partners, clients and peers
  3. Team leaders and others who drive business development, manage joint ventures, oversee postmerger or acquisition integration, or manage channel partner performance
  4. Managers who serve in a cross-functional integrator role for brands, products or key accounts
In this program you will:
  1. Hone your collaboration skills
  2. Assess and value collaboration and then articulate and sell that value to clients, partners and stakeholders
  3. Construct a personal development plan for continuous improvement
  4. Identify and create value through analysis of stakeholders’ perspectives and interests
  5. Design collaborative structures to maximize constructive conflict and minimize destructive conflict

Designing Collaboration

  1. Explore collaboration as a critical factor in creating value and ensuring success in complex organizations
  2. Understand the challenges of instilling collaboration as a key management competency
  3. Design and structure organizations, teams and jobs to meet strategic objectives
  4. Minimize conflict that interferes with productivity; encourage conflict that leads to value creation

Decision Making in a Collaborative Setting

  1. Learn the value — and challenges — of multifunctional teams for driving organizational performance through collaboration
  2. Understand how diverse interests and communication styles can create conflict and encumber decision making
  3. Acquire tools for conflict resolution and improved decision making: the fundamental competencies required for successful collaboration

Collaborating in Diverse Teams

  1. Explore collaborative value creation and problem solving across silos and geographies
  2. Understand how teams can collaborate effectively despite organizational barriers, deadline pressures and communication challenges

Working Across Companies and Cultures

  1. Focus on the unique challenges facing leaders who must foster collaboration
  2. Identify the cultural differences and institutional voids of many emerging economies
  3. Improve the likelihood of designing and implementing successful strategic alliances across companies and cultures
Leigh Thompson - Academic Director; J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations Professor of Management & Organizations Director of Kellogg Team and Group Research Center Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy)

Jeanne Brett - DeWitt W. Buchanan, Jr., Professor of Dispute Resolution and Organizations Professor of Management & Organizations Director of Dispute Resolution Research Center

Tanya Menon - Associate Professor at Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University

Edward Zajac - James F. Bere Professor of Management & Organizations

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