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Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

Develop Stronger Alliance Capabilities

Professor Tim CalkinsIn a world of constrained resources and intense competition for customers, firms aim to develop a variety of strategically focused, cooperative relationships to achieve their objectives, both domestically and internationally. The challenge lies in the successful design and management of these alliances.

In this highly collaborative program, you’ll learn how to create and manage different forms of strategic alliances, such as joint ventures, licensing agreements, buyer-supplier partnerships and consortia. You’ll also develop a better sense of the related costs and benefits, examine the specific conditions under which alliances are preferred to other growth strategies and leave with practical tools you can apply immediately.

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Upcoming Sessions

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    May 23-26, 2017
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Mid- and upper-level managers involved in creating or implementing strategic alliances
  2. Individuals with responsibility for business development, strategic planning, marketing and strategic alliance operations
  3. Legal, accounting and management consulting professionals engaged with firms involved in or considering strategic alliances
  4. Federal Government managers seeking to gain new perspectives for managing strategic partnerships
During this program you will:
  1. Analyze and determine when to make, buy or ally
  2. Create and manage value-adding alliances
  3. Avoid common pitfalls that can lead to alliance failures
  4. Negotiate before, during and after alliance agreements have been signed
  5. Anticipate critical legal, financial and operational issues in alliances
  6. Manage complex, multiple alliance initiatives within your organization

Promises and Pitfalls of Alliances

  1. Evaluate risks and returns
  2. Avoid alliance failure factors
  3. Increase the probability of successful alliances
  4. Address the challenge of cooperation among large numbers of partners

Make, Buy or Ally

  1. Know when to use alliances as a business development vehicle
  2. Protect your company’s interests strategically and contractually
  3. Detect when your partner has a win/lose orientation
  4. Understand the role of alliances in the network economy

Alliance Decisions and Capabilities

  1. Change your status from vendor to partner
  2. Develop an alliance capability across the organization
  3. Structure an alliance for organizational learning
  4. Create alliances within an organization
  5. Improve alliance management capabilities

Economic and Governance Issues

  1. Deal with cultural differences in alliances, especially in emerging economies
  2. Map competitors’ alliances
  3. Implement a framework for stakeholder analysis

Analyzing and Designing Joint Ventures

  1. Discuss strategic and operational considerations
  2. Anticipate critical legal, accounting and financial issues
  3. Find value in cooperation
  4. Anticipate conflict and instability when your company has multiple alliances
Edward Zajac - Academic Director; James F. Bere Professor of Management & Organizations;

James Anderson - William L. Ford Professor of Marketing and Wholesale Distribution

Prashant Kale - Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Rice University

What Past Participants Say

  • "This program meaningfully combined best practices and strong frameworks and gave us the true rationale, strategy, skills and pitfalls of strategic alliances in a short period of time."
    - Manager, Corporate Planning & Development Office, Hitachi Ltd.
  • "As a new participant in strategic alliances, we have been learning as we enter into a new partnership. This program has helped to dramatically speed up our learning. As a result, I expect to be better prepared for future partnerships."
    - Strategic Alliances VP, Wells Fargo Bank
  • "I feel equipped now to maximize the value of current alliances and confident in establishing new ventures."
    - General Manager, Biotechnology, Monsanto Canada, Inc.

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