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Distribution Channel Management: Creating Go-to-Market Growth Strategies

Creating Go-to-Market Growth Strategies

Anne Coughlan

Without a well-designed and managed distribution strategy for going to market, your company’s product and marketing efforts can face inefficiency and disruption up and down the line.  In this intensive program, highly regarded authorities in the field show you how to design, develop maintain and manage productive go-to-market relationships to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

You’ll learn how to use a proven framework to synergize marketing and sales efforts, regardless of your business model and channel dynamics.  Consumer goods and services companies selling through wholesalers and retailers, business-to-business firms working through independent distributors and sales representatives, retailers seeking to improve efficiency in an increasingly competitive marketplace, and intermediaries seeking to preserve their role in an increasingly fluid channel structure can all benefit from the tools and content in this course.

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    March 12-15, 2017
    Fee includes lodging and most meals
  1. Senior executives – managers, directors and vice presidents – responsible for creating and managing channels of distribution in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and service firms
  2. Other senior leaders with strategic go-to-market responsibilities
  1. Develop analytic skills through case studies and interactive mystery shopping, and apply lessons learned to your organization’s channel system
  2. Learn methodologies and tools that will help you select channel intensity and appropriate partners, design incentives and resolve conflict
  3. Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of channel activities by leveraging emerging technologies
  4. Build symbiotic win-win-win channel and customer relationships

Assessing Channel Benefit Demands

  1. Learn how your customers buy, not just what they buy
  2. Identify which channel benefits matter in your market
  3. Target the highest potential channel segments in your market

Optimizing Your Channel Structure to Meet End-Users’ Demands

  1. Choose the right channel intermediaries
  2. Set your distribution intensity
  3. Allocate channel functions to specific channel members
  4. Integrate your supply chain with your distribution and go-to-market approach

 Assessing Gaps in the Current Channel Strategy

  1. Define the constraints limiting your optimal channel design
  2. Identify the resulting channel gaps
  3. Apply effective strategies to close channel gaps and align your channel

Identifying and Managing Channel Conflict

  1. Establish the main types of channel conflict in both uni- and multi-channel structures
  2. Assess potential conflicts and prevent their development
  3. Learn how to use your power sources to manage ongoing channel conflict

Special Feature: Using the Channel Audit Toolkit

The Channel Audit Toolkit leads you through a full channel analysis. The handbook describes the audit process, while the workbook aids in the assessment of your channel design and operation. The toolkit is designed for use not just during the program but in your business afterward.

Anne Coughlan - Academic Director; Polk Bros. Chair in Retailing; Professor of Marketing

Sunil Chopra - IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems; Professor of Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences

Richard I. Kolsky - Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

What Past Participants Say

  • “Dr. Coughlan’s framework for understanding distribution and how to make management decisions has helped organize my thinking about the subject in a new way.”
    - VP/General Manager, IDEX Corporation
  • “This by far the best course I’ve ever taken on channel management. I highly recommend this course to channel managers seeking effective strategies to maximize the performance of their channels and the qualified service delivered to their end-users.”
    - Global Channel Marketing Manager, Impinj, Inc.
  • “If you sell through channels, this course affords you the vital framework of diagnostics to improve channel efficiency.”
    - Manager, Dealer Development, Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift America
  • “This course puts a focus on channel and supply chain that shows the necessity of this for the long term success of your business.”
    - John Deere Company

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