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Advanced Management Program

Unleashing the Power and Potential of Exceptional Leaders

Introducing the Kellogg Advanced Management Program (AMP), an immersive experience that prepares high potential executives to excel at the top levels of the organization.

What distinguishes the Kellogg AMP from other programs?

  • While other offerings demand a commitment of six to eight consecutive weeks, the Kellogg AMP’s innovative schedule is designed to accommodate participants’ other responsibilities. Executives are never away from their company for more than two weeks at a time, and virtual coaching before, during, and after sessions helps to support ongoing development.
  • Unlike many programs, which tend to be “MBA refreshers,” the AMP is tailored to help executives redefine what it means to be a leader, orient them to ask powerful questions and expose them to the perspective needed to be successful at the top level of an organization.
  • The AMP is the only program of its kind that offers an immersive experience in a major global market (China in 2015.) Through hands-on learning and insight from stakeholders on the ground, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of global markets and customers beyond what can be gathered through typical business travel.
  • Advanced Management Program - Watch the Video
Upcoming Sessions (Fee includes all 5 weeks)
Session Date Cost
Session 1
Weeks 1&2: October 19-31, 2014
Week 3: January 24-31, 2015
Week 4: April 19-24, 2015
Week 5: Elective of your choice
$55,000 Apply
Session 2
Weeks 1&2: May 3-15, 2015
Week 3: August 30 - September 4, 2015
Week 4: January 10-15, 2016
Week 5: Elective of your choice
$55,000 Apply

Program Materials

The program features Kellogg’s top faculty who have extensive experience working with senior executives. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to interact with CEOs, board members and other senior executives of major multinational companies. The program focuses on four areas:
  1. Week 1 - Leadership skills. Participants will build on their strengths, address weaknesses and develop the dexterity to manage enterprise-wide responsibilities while staying true to themselves.
  2. Week 2 - Change management. Building on the insights gathered in Week 1, participants learn to apply these skills to drive change throughout the organization—such as engaging with the board and leading cross-functional teams.
  3. Week 3 - Global markets and customers. With visits to two Chinese cities and meetings with local business leaders, participants will gain a greater understanding of the unique attributes of customers in markets around the world.
  4. Week 4 - Taking action. The final session synthesizes key lessons and frameworks into an individualized action plan. And after the program, the AMP’s network of instructors and global peers provides continuing guidance and support.
  5. Week 5 - Elective. To support individualized learning, participants may choose an elective from among Kellogg’s comprehensive suite of executive education courses to round out their skills or delve deeper into an area of interest.

The AMP offers a dynamic and rich learning environment combining traditional classroom methods with non-traditional experiences such as:

  1. High impact action learning projects
  2. Leadership coaching
  3. Simulations and experiential learning
  4. Global perspectives taught in context at a global, off-site location
  5. Wellness workshops
  6. Humanities and arts-based education
  7. Participatory debates
  8. In-depth company visits with executive leadership

Principle candidates for the program are experienced senior executives with a minimum of 20 years of business experience, including five to 10 years in a general management or senior functional role. An AMP participant will be poised to or have just taken on enterprise-level responsibilities. These high potential executives need to "look over the horizon" and anticipate business challenges and opportunities in a global marketplace.

The program addresses advanced themes in executive leadership:

Develop Senior Executive Leadership Agility
Acquire requisite leadership abilities to foster talent, see beyond the horizon, and identify and articulate a compelling vision. Develop the insight and communication skills for collaborating across boundaries. Prepare to lead high-performance teams, effective organizations and vibrant communities. 

Drive Innovation and Identify Growth Opportunities

Develop the broad organizational perspectives and capabilities needed in a world of uncertainty and disruption. Learn how to identify, develop and scale the “next big idea” while staying highly attuned to shifts within markets and among customers. Leverage innovation to create new opportunities, drive growth, forge new business models, and position your organization for success in the marketplace.

Hone Implementation Strategies
Complete an immersive action-learning experience that synthesizes program insights and strategies. Learn how to equip your organization for 21st-century challenges and opportunities by creating structures, developing partnerships and building connections within a broader ecosystem.

Deepen Your Understanding of the Global Market
Engage in an unparalleled learning experience set in Hong Kong and mainland China. Through interactions with thought leaders and business leaders, gain unique perspectives on cross-cultural, geopolitical, strategic and operational issues, and equip your organization to thrive in the global marketplace. 

Individualize Your Experience
Extend and customize the program to meet your professional and personal development goals by attending a Kellogg Executive Education elective of your choice.

Three key features set this program apart from others:

  1. This is an engaging learning environment in which each participant applies the AMP learning directly to their current role. The conceptualization of personal projects begins during pre-work, is refined and supported during the AMP through coaching and personal reflection, and is implemented during breaks between weeks as well as post-program.
  2. The Global Markets week is a unique 7-day program providing a framework of academic lessons and cross-cultural context for analyzing the nuance of business in global markets.
  3. The AMP is an individualized journey in which participants enhance business acumen in areas of their choosing by taking an elective from Kellogg’s repertoire of open enrollment programs.

Individualize Your Experience
You are invited to select one elective from Kellogg's portfolio of open enrollment programs that will best fit your schedule and address your specific professional development needs. Our Executive Development Advisors look forward to working with you to make your selection. Below you will find just a sampling of the types of options you can consider:

Corporate Finance: Strategies for Creating Shareholder Value

Corporate Governance: Effectiveness and Accountability in the Boardroom

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

Merger Week: Creating Value Through Strategic Acquisitions and Alliances 

Operations Strategy: Designing Operations to Maximize Value

Reinventing Leadership: A Breakthrough Approach

The Strategy of Leadership

All applicants to the AMP must be sponsored by their organizations. A sponsor is someone who is familiar with the applicant's background and motivations for attending the AMP. The sponsor should be the person to whom the candidate reports, the organization's chief human resource officer, or the person responsible for management development.

Admissions Decisions and Process

An admissions committee thoroughly reviews each application and considers the nature and scope of the applicant's responsibilities. For the benefit of the class, sponsoring organizations, and the program, the committee seeks to admit people with comparable management responsibilities who have diverse skills and experiences.

Class size is limited to maximize classroom and study group participation, so early application is encouraged. The AMP applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed upon submission until the program fills. For your convenience, you may apply on-line or download an application and fax or email it to us.

Strong English language speaking, reading, and writing skills are imperative to completely immerse in the Kellogg AMP experience, to complete reading assignments, and to actively engage in group discussions and activities. Because the AMP is a rigorous program and includes emphasis on building a strong business network, the faculty will expect participants to contribute fully to classroom and study group discussions. The Test for English for International Communication (TOEIC) is not required.

The Kellogg School of Management awards a certificate upon the successful completion of the AMP program. Along with the certificate, participants also receive benefits as executive education alumni of the Kellogg School of Management.

It is expected that  the AMP participants will immerse themselves completely in the experience and be free of all other duties. Participants are expected to attend all sessions except in the case of an emergency.

Program Fee
The program fee covers class materials, most meals and accommodations at the Allen Center and in business-class hotels during Week 3. Travel expenses (including airfare) are the responsibility of the participant. Payment is due in US dollars upon receipt of invoice.

Enrollments in Kellogg programs are highly competitive, and seats will not be guaranteed until your payment is received.

It is expected that applicants have their own health insurance valid in the United States during Week 3 travel. The University is not responsible for medical expenses incurred by participants during the program.

Cancellation Policy
Because attendance at a Kellogg executive program requires significant advance preparation and demand often exceeds capacity, it is important that you contact us in a timely manner if you must cancel or defer your attendance. To receive a full refund of program fees, notice of cancellation must be received more than 30 days in advance of the program start date. Participants who cancel less than 30 days in advance will not receive a refund but may nominate an acceptable substitute or attend a future session of the same program within one year.

• Q: Where is the program held?

Four of the weeks, including the elective of your choice will take place in the James L. Allen Center, home of Kellogg School of Management’s Executive Education. The Allen Center is located on the western shores of Lake Michigan in the heart of Northwestern University's Evanston campus. The current Global Markets week focuses on the Chinese and Asian markets and will take place at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and in Shanghai.

• Q: How will I manage the AMP and my job?

The AMP is a 5-week program structured in mostly non-consecutive weeks over a six month engagement with Kellogg. This gives participants the flexibility needed to attend the sessions without the strain of being physically away from their current position for an extended period of time. The first two weeks are held consecutively to immerse participants in an academically rigorous environment and to develop familiarity with fellow participants and Kellogg faculty. The fifth week is an elective of your choice, from our repertoire of open enrollment courses, for which participants have up to one year after beginning the AMP to complete.

• Q: What are the English language requirements of the AMP?

Strong English language speaking, reading, and writing skills are imperative to completely immerse in the Kellogg AMP experience, to complete reading assignments, and to actively engage in group discussions and activities. Because the AMP is a rigorous program and includes emphasis on building a strong business network, the faculty will expect participants to contribute fully to classroom and study group discussions. The Test for English for International Communication (TOEIC) is not required.

• Q: Will I receive Kellogg alumni status upon completion of the AMP?

Yes, upon completion of the AMP you will receive Kellogg alumni status that offers lifelong benefits.

• Q: What is the application deadline?

Applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis. It is best to apply at least three to six months in advance of the start of the program to enable you ample time to prepare for your time out of the office and program pre-work, including individual assessments.

• Q: What other executive education programming does Kellogg offer?

Kellogg Executive Education has an extensive portfolio of open enrollment professional development opportunities. Our functional and general leadership programs are offered in many areas of specialization. Click here for more in-depth descriptions. The short programming (3-5 days) is available to the AMP participants as an elective.

• Q: Whom can I contact for additional questions?

If you have any further questions about Kellogg’s Advanced Management Program, please contact:

Ms. Jane Wuellner 
phone: 847.467.6018

Sally Blount - Dean, Kellogg School of Management; Michael L. Nemmers Professor of Management & Organizations

Michelle L. Buck - Clinical Professor of Management & Organizations

Gregory Carpenter - James Farley/Booz Allen Hamilton Professor of Marketing Strategy; Director of the Center for Market Leadership; Faculty Director, Kellogg Markets and Customers Initiative (KMCI)

Carter Cast - Clinical Associate Professor of Management

Sunil Chopra - IBM Professor of Operations Management and Information Systems

Daniel Diermeier - IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice; Director of the Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship; Faculty Director, Kellogg Public-Private Initiative (KPPI)

Janice C. Eberly - James R. and Helen D. Russell Professor of Finance

Jean Egmon - Research Assistant Professor in the Ford Motor Company Center; Executive Director of the Ford Center Network

Martin Eichenbaum - Professor of Economics, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Executive MBA, Kellogg School of Management

Thomas N. Hubbard - Senior Associate Dean: Strategic Initiatives; Elinor and H. Wendell Hobbs Professor of Management

Sanjay Khosla - Adjunct Professor of Executive Education

Harry M. Kraemer - Clinical Professor of Management & Strategy

Liz Livingston Howard - Clinical Associate Professor of Management; Director of Non-Profit Executive Education

Victoria Medvec - Adeline Barry Davee Professor of Management & Organizations; Executive Director of the Center for Executive Women

J. Keith Murnighan - Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Risk Management

Mitchell A. Petersen - Glen Vasel Professor of Finance; Director of the Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital

Holly Raider - Clinical Professor of Management and Senior Director of Executive Education

Artur Raviv - Alan E. Peterson Professor of Finance

Sergio Rebelo - Tokai Bank Professor of Finance

Leigh Thompson - J. Jay Gerber Professor of Dispute Resolution & Organizations; Director of Kellogg Team and Group Research Center; Professor of Psychology, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences (Courtesy)

Brian Uzzi - Richard L. Thomas Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change; Professor of Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences, McCormick School (Courtesy); Professor of Sociology, Weinberg College (Courtesy); Co-Director, Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems (NICO); Faculty Director, Kellogg Architectures of Collaboration Initiative (KACI)

Edward Zajac - James F. Bere Professor of Management & Organizations;

Florian Zettelmeyer - Nancy L. Ertle Professor of Marketing; Faculty Director, Program on Data Analytics @ Kellogg, KMCI

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