Kellogg Launches a New Brand Campaign

        - Dean Blount and the new "Think Bravely" campaign

        As Kellogg resets its trajectory for the 21st century, the spirit of the school’s momentum has been captured in is its new brand campaign, marked by the “Think Bravely” tagline. Dean Sally Blount notes, however, that Think Bravely is much more than just a tagline—it encompasses a world of ideas. As she recently shared in a message to Kellogg alumni:

        “As I reflect on this past year, I am reminded that this is so much more than a phrase. Think Bravely speaks to a great legacy, a great future and a great community…. I have come to understand that in business, thinking bravely means that you are willing to overcome the status quo and take a stand on something in an unexpected way. Thinking bravely is about personal clarity, public conviction and accepting the vulnerability that comes with that. It’s having the courage to forge truly meaningful partnerships with others, incorporate their perspectives and make the hard decisions that not only move organizations forward, but help solve the tough problems facing society.”

        The Think Bravely campaign emerged from a months-long process that engaged the Kellogg School’s Marketing and Communications group, members of Kellogg’s world-class Marketing Department, and alumni who are leaders in the practice of marketing.
        The campaign is one element of many changes happening at Kellogg. Dean Blount points to a reorganization of the school’s senior management team and a decision to invest in a new building—and the early success of the fund-raising that goes with it—as signature achievements of her first year.

        A strategic planning process is also underway. In a recent article in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Dean Blount said it will seek to identify “the three to five big ideas that are going to be important to the world in 2020. We’re going to make some strategic investments in both the research and teaching around those ideas and we’ve said, ‘These are the ideas that we want to be known for.’”
        In a recent interview with John Byrne in Poets and Quants, Dean Blount said the spirit of Kellogg today is captured in the new campaign’s positioning statement:

        “Think Bravely: We believe that business can be bravely led, passionately collaborative, and world changing.

        It prompted Byrne to write: “The brand messaging is more than just a clue to Kellogg’s future. It just as aptly fits Blount’s own leadership challenge to more bravely chart bold changes at one of the world’s best business schools.”

        Listen to Dean Blount
        describe Think Bravely and watch the video that captures the Kellogg School’s essence.

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