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The increasingly complex and interconnected economy challenges leaders on every front. To succeed in this changing world, leaders must have a newfound clarity of focus on markets; a deeper understanding of how people collaborate across functions, industries, and geographies; and the agility and resilience to adapt and thrive in the face of it all.

Our new Executive Education Courses for 2014 reflect Kellogg's vision of the leader of the future, delivering the knowledge, insight and skills required to make that vision real.

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      Advanced Management Program

      A transformative professional development opportunity for senior executives responsible for creating markets and driving growth in today's fast-paced, interconnected economy. A breakthrough course design provides unparalleled immersive and experiential global learning opportunities strengthened by a hands-on, real-time case study and the ability to customize the program to individual goals.

      Crisis Management

      A mishandled crisis can threaten an organization's livelihood. Crisis Management teaches you to identify potential trouble areas in your business, develop a framework for response, and cultivate the skills to turn any situation into an opportunity.

      Executive Operations Experience

      For the first time, Kellogg presents this three-day program for senior executives to explore integrated, end-to-end industrial operations within the strategic learning environment of the McKinsey Capability Center in Atlanta.

      Operations Strategy

      Optimize your operations to maximize stakeholder value. Create a best-in-class approach that integrates the customer experience, boosts your financial performance and establishes a competitive advantage.

      Strategic Social Media Marketing

      Unleash the power of social media, integrating it with your broader marketing strategy. This program will show you how to orchestrate social media and marketing tactics to engage more customers, increase profits, and strengthen your brand.

      The Strategy of Leadership

      Work across silos, contexts, functional areas, and industries. This program combines cutting-edge science with simulations, experiential activities and case studies to equip leaders to drive organizational success.

      21st Century Management

      Learn to direct your firm's human, technical and organizational resources, leading to greater efficiencies and tighter management alignment. Explore strategies for customizing frameworks to meet your organizational demands.

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