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Executive Education participants in classFor nearly 40 years, the Kellogg School has designed and conducted hundreds of custom executive programs for senior managers in some of the world’s best-known organizations. In fact, the Kellogg School created the custom executive program category, conducting its first for USG Corporation in 1973.

While our executive programs serve a wide range of executive students with specific objectives — the recently appointed general manager who needs to hone planning and functional integration skills or the product manager who must keep abreast of the latest developments in consumer behavior — each custom program takes a broad view of an organization as a whole. If a large number of managers in your organization have similar professional-development goals, a custom program may be right for you.

Most custom program partners are large, well-known, for-profit corporations, but Kellogg has also worked closely with government agencies, industry associations and smaller companies. Since all organizations at times face significant strategic change and must develop future leaders, almost any organization could benefit from a custom program.

Over time, some companies find it useful to expand the scope or audience of programs, leading to much longer relationships with the school. Some Kellogg School custom programs have been running for decades, with accumulated attendance of more than 1,000 participants.

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