Sustainability Lab

Sustainability Lab (SEEK 915) is an experiential learning course with projects focused on the integration of environmental sustainability and social impact with business objectives. The course combines working on a real-world project with a corporate or non-profit client with small group interactions with a faculty advisor and the other students in the class. The course is ideal for students seeking:

  • experience with managing business and sustainability in an integrated fashion
  • a general introduction to sustainability issues in target industries or functions
  • to build a marketable resume and contacts in sustainability management
  • looking to work in a sustainability related industry or job after graduation

Course Format
Teams of 3-5 students work with a client organization on pre-scoped but somewhat flexible projects. Each team works directly with a client project manager and under the guidance of a faculty advisor. The team presents the results to the management team and the class. The expected work load is 8-10 hr./week throughout the quarter. The class includes weekly team meetings with the faculty advisor, a mid-term and final presentation. See here for the syllabus: SEEK 915 Syllabus.

Bidding and Applying for Projects

S-Lab is open to students in all Kellogg programs, and to students outside Kellogg with permission of the faculty. There are no pre-requisites. The projects for the spring quarter 2013 are listed below. You need to bid for the S-Lab course [there is no enrollment constraint, so a minimal bid is sufficient]. In addition, you need to apply to work on a particular project of interest. To do so, please send an email to Prof. Klaus Weber by March 3. Include in your application a preference of project(s), rank ordered if applicable, and a current resume. Students can bid as teams, though we cannot always guarantee first project choices.
If you have additional questions about the course, please contact Prof. Klaus Weber.

Available Projects
Detailed descriptions of each project can be found in the syllabus.



Project Name




Evaluate utilities as a channel for sustainability solutions

greentech marketing, market research, channel strategies



Green building software Go To Market plan

greentech marketing, marketing strategy (pricing, channels)



Cloud based green building workflow automation prototype

engineering design, software development



Strategic review of sustainability priorities for 2020

sustainability strategy, stakeholder and policy analysis, healthcare


Chicago Botanic Garden

Sustainability goals, measurement and communication plan

sustainability strategy, footprinting, reporting , communications


Chicago Food    Co-op

Market scoping and business plan for food coop

business plan, start-up, coops, sustainable food retail/markets


CNT Energy

Maximizing the benefits of the smart grid for residential electricity customers

energy markets, product design, marketing research and strategy


CO2 Bambu

Amphibian housing for climate change adaptation

social enterprise, climate change policy, market research, Latin America



Monetize and/or securitize solar module data for solar energy sustainability

solar energy, business development, entrepreneurship


Ogena Solutions

Market entry strategy to the US consumer market for pet grooming products

business strategy, entrepreneurship, impact investing


Sweet Beginnings

Business plan for Chicago-based social enterprise

social enterprise, business strategy / development, stakeholder analysis


Voltaic Systems

Competitive analysis and marketing plan for photovoltaic charging systems

solar energy, competitive analysis, social media marketing


Watershed Capital

Consolidation strategy for renewable energy company

renewable energy, mergers & acquisitions, impact investing, strategy

Woodward, Inc. Carbon footprint calculation and reduction recommendations aerospace plant footprinting, eco-efficiency, operations strategy