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Announcing the first winner of the Rockefeller Foundation & Kellogg School of Management Sustainable Investing Fellowship

CampoColombia, a Sustainable Investing Challenge finalist, will receive a year’s worth of intensive support

01 Jul 2017

Kellogg announces 2017 Social Impact Awards winners

Two Kellogg social entrepreneurs receive a total of $140,000 to launch and develop their startups after graduation.

01 Jul 2017

Kellogg EduIndia Team Wins Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge

Making the World a Better Place While Also Making Money

17 Apr 2017

This Northwestern Alum’s ‘Greenhouse-in-a-Box’ Protects Farmers From Climate Change

20 Jul 2017

Leadership through service: Three key lessons from Kellogg Board Fellows

22 May 2017

Investing In India’s Low-Fee Schools

05 May 2017

‘EduIndia’ Wins Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Challenge, Helps Private School Students with Tuition

Announcing the winner of the 2017 Kellogg-Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge

17 Apr 2017

Kellogg students recognized in three social impact competitions in April

Three teams of students are honored for their innovative, impactful solutions to societal challenges.

12 Apr 2017

Sustainable Investing Challenge Winner: Flexible Finance for Low-Income Schools

A team of MBA students from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management that proposed a low-interest loan fund for India’s 400,000 low-fee private schools took first place in last week’s Kellogg Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge.

10 Apr 2017

Leveraging core competencies for social good

Global foodservice equipment leader cooks up idea to help Syrian refugees

07 Apr 2017

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