Collins Family Loan Assistance Program

The Kellogg School of Management’s Loan Assistance Program (LAP) enables Kellogg graduates to enter careers in the public and nonprofit sectors by reducing the educational debt burden that sometimes limits graduates from pursuing positions within these sectors. The LAP is an important component to Kellogg's Social Impact students, demonstrating Kellogg’s commitment to meeting the growing need for public and nonprofit professionals with managerial skills.

The LAP accomplishes this goal by paying a percentage of a graduate’s Kellogg-related educational loan obligations for the duration of his or her full-time employment in low-salaried positions within the public or nonprofit sectors. Recipients must reapply every year and can continue to receive funds for ten years after graduation, as long as they qualify or until their loans are repaid. The amount contributed by the LAP is a function of an individual’s financial position and that of his/her immediate family as defined by the Kellogg Financial Aid Office guidelines. Recipients are responsible for satisfying at least some portion of their annual loan obligation.

The Loan Assistance Program has been supported by the Collins Family Foundation (Ron Collins KSM '98) and the Steans Family (Jennifer Steans KSM '89).  In addition, several graduating classes in the full-time and Executive MBA Program have designated their gifts to this Fund.

For more information on the Collins Family Loan Assistance Program, please contact