Active Documents:

2008 Information Session Presentation (updated on 2008/2/5)

2007 Project List (updated on 2007/3/3)

2007 Information Session Presentation (updated on 2007/2/4)


Getting Started – Sample Documents:

LOU Example 1

LOU Example 2

LOU Example 3


Archived Documents:

Valuation Model (updated on 2006/5/12)

Developing the Business Case & Communicating Value(updated on 2006/5/12)

Cost Culture through Cost -Management Maturity Level (updated on 2006/4/18)

Customer Profitability to Creat Value-Session1 (updated on 2006/4/11)

MORE Workplan samples (updated on 2006/4/4)

LOU (updated sample) (updated on 2006/3/30)

Workplan sample 1 (updated on 2006/3/30)

Workplan sample 2 (updated on 2006/3/30)

2006 Class syllabus (updated on 2006/3/30)

LEAP 2007 Project Summaries (updated on 2007/3/03)

Project Guide

Project Introduction Letter (student sourced)

Project Proposal Form



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