Kellogg School of Management
Tutoring Program


Who is eligible: All 1st-year students
What courses are offered: Decision Sciences, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Managerial Economic, Management and Strategy, Marketing, and Management and Organizations
What is the cost: Free if you receive Financial Aid, $15/hour for all other students
How many students per tutor: up to 5
Frequency: Up to 5 hours per week
Restrictions: No tutoring during exam week, no "crash" tutoring available
Contact: Cathy Gluckman in Student Affairs or fill out the Tutor Request form below.

The Office of Student Affairs coordinates a group Tutoring Program for core courses in Accounting, Decision Sciences, and Finance, available to all 1st-year students. Cathy Gluckman, the Tutoring Coordinator, is responsible for: (1) matching 1st-year students in need of tutors with 2nd-year students who have agreed to serve as tutors; (2) making initial contact between student and tutor; and (3) notifying students who do not have Financial Aid that they are responsible for payment of $15 per hour to their tutors.

Cathy Gluckman maintains lists of both tutors and students to be tutored in the Student Affairs offices. To add your name to the list of students seeking tutors, just stop by and sign up or fill out the on-line request form.

Tutoring will be on a ratio of 1 tutor to 5 students whenever possible. Tutors are paid $15/hour. If you have Financial Aid, the cost of your tutoring will be paid by Kellogg. If not, you will be responsible for payment of $15 per hour to your tutor. If you do not have Financial Aid and feel you are not able to pay for tutoring, you can make a request to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs who will make a determination. You can receive a maximum of five hours of tutoring per week.

There will be no tutoring provided during exam week, and no "crash" tutoring programs will be provided at the end of the quarter.

When a 1st-year student is matched with a 2nd-year tutor, the Tutorial Program Coordinator will contact both of you with your match, generally within 48 hours of the tutee's request.

It is crucial for accounting purposes that you initial each line of your tutor's timesheet representing time you received tutoring from him/her.

We are happy to be able to provide students with this service. If you are interested, please see Cathy Gluckman in the Student Affairs Office, or fill out the on-line request form below.

Tutor Request Form
Student Full Name
Phone Number
Core courses for tutoring
ACCT 430
DECS 430
DECS 431
MECN 430
OPNS 430
MGMT 431
MKTG 430
FINC 430
MORS 430
Other course to be tutored
Financial Aid   Yes No