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Who lives in McManus Center?
Approximately 250 students plus 50 significant others live in McManus. That is roughly 20% of the Kellogg student body. Approximately 75% of McManus is international students and approximately 28% are first-year students.

Where is McManus Center?
Click here for a map showing the distance from Kellogg to McManus. It is roughly four (long) blocks (5 – 7 minute walk).

Are there other on-campus housing options?
Aside from McManus, Northwestern University has two additional on-campus buildings dedicated to graduate students: Engelhart Hall and Seabury. Please contact the University Residential Services at 847-491-5127 or for additional information on either building.

Where can I live if I have kids?
McManus and Engelhart are both available to students with children. McManus features a communal playroom where resident children may play, when supervised.

How do I find a roommate?
If living in McManus, you will be assigned a roommate based on the preference criteria outlined in your application. If you would like to live with a specific person, submit their name with your application. (These requests must be mutual.)

Will I need a car?
You don't really need a car in Evanston. If you live near campus, you can walk to school and to most shops. The mass transit system is close by, and it's cheap and easy to use it to get to Chicago. Two major drawbacks to having a car are that parking in Evanston can be a big hassle and cars take a beating during the winter. A car will, however, provide you more freedom to shop, explore and get away on weekend trips.

What are my chances of getting into McManus?
Current McManus residents and students who participate in a Kellogg exchange program will have priority for the building. In past years, accommodating 1Y students and many incoming 2Y students has not been a problem. However, demand for McManus is high and based on the past two years, first-year students have a roughly 50% chance of getting into the building.

Is there anything that I can do to help my chances?
As long as you submit your application by the May 1 deadline, you will be considered with everyone else who’s applying. Applying earlier does not increase your chances of receiving housing in McManus.

How does the lottery work?
A staff member in Kellogg Information Systems uses her computer to generate random numbers for all applications/students. These numbers can range from 1 – 9000. We go through the housing applications and make assignments based on your number and housing preferences.

Who will be competing with me for my room?
Families receive priority for family apartments, and couples receive priority for one bedrooms. Single students can choose between the single studio, twin studio, and two bedroom with roommate options.

Are international students given special privileges?
No, though the majority of students who do apply are international. However, we think it benefits the McManus community to have a diverse mix of students, including domestic ones.