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McManus Center

THE MCMANUS CENTER is a seven-story apartment complex designed to suit the needs of Kellogg students, their partners, and families. Conveniently located in downtown Evanston near restaurants, banks, stores, and public transportation, McManus is only a 15 minute walk to the Global Hub, where Kellogg full-time classes are held. Approximately 250 students and 50 partners live in McManus.

Why live at McManus?

McManus brings the Kellogg community home to students, partners, and families new to the area. Because the building is occupied primarily by Kellogg students and visiting scholars, it’s a great place to make social and professional contacts while also offering privacy and the benefits of apartment living.

Apartment Options

The Kellogg family is diverse, and there’s a place for everyone at McManus. Single students and students with partners and/or children choose the apartment style — twin studio, single studio, two bedroom shared living room, one-bedroom, or family two bedroom — most comfortable for them. The available apartment furniture is custom designed and produced in consultation with a Chicago-based architecture and design firm.

Single studio

  • one twin-sized bedroom/kitchen combo
  • bathroom
  • 1 person

Twin studio

  • two twin-sized bedrooms
  • shared kitchen
  • shared bathroom
  • 2 people

Two bedroom shared living room

  • two twin-sized bedrooms
  • shared living room
  • shared kitchen
  • shared bathroom
  • 2 people

One bedroom

  • one king-sized bedroom
  • living room/kitchen combo
  • bathroom
  • 1 adult/married couple and 1-2 children


  • one king-sized bedroom
  • one twin-sized bedroom
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • 1 adult/married couple and 1-2 children

Convenient Leasing

Terms and conditions at McManus are for the school term only (June to June for One-Year MBA/MMM  students and September to June for Two-Year MBA students). For students whose summer internships and post graduate jobs are not in Evanston, this allows for a significant cost savings of up to 3 months rent during each summer. For students whose summer internships are based in Evanston, a summer extension is available.

McManus does not require in-person signing of terms and conditions; instead, you are able to complete the terms and conditions online, making it possible to secure housing without an additional trip to Evanston. No credit report is required with your application, and McManus only requires a $300 non-refundable deposit to secure your apartment, once you receive an assignment. This deposit will be credited to your student account during your first full quarter of study.

Utilities Included

McManus rent includes heat, air conditioning, electricity, gas, water, basic cable TV, wireless Internet access throughout the building, and high-speed Internet connections in each apartment. All utilities are already established when you move in, saving you the hassle of making arrangements and paying deposits in advance.


For an up-to-date list of quarterly rates, please visit the NU Residential Services Graduate Housing site.

Other Facility Benefits

Situated on the first floor of McManus is a spacious, comfortably furnished student lounge with wireless Internet access. The scene of many parties and social events, the lounge is home to a large-screen TV, piano, kitchen, pool tables, foosball table, and ping-pong table.

Across the way, two laundry rooms are equipped with washers and dryers that are free of charge to all McManus residents. Also on the first floor is an exercise room featuring Lifecycles, a rowing machine, a treadmill, dumbells, Stairmasters, a Universal machine, Reebok BodyTrek, and a TV with cable.

There is a newly renovated communal playroom on the ground floor of the building where resident children may play, when supervised. Kellogg Kids meets here regularly.

Any of the 13 first-floor or upper-floor group study rooms can be reserved until 10 p.m. Each study room is equipped with four high-speed data connections, a large-screen monitor for laptop hook-up, a conference table, and a chalkboard.

For night owls, early birds and everyone in between, the McManus computer lab is open 24 hours a day. Complete with Lenovo desktops, color and black-and-white laser printers, and two multifunction devices with scan-to-email functionality, the lab keeps McManus residents connected to the Kellogg School and the world. For more information on the public computing facilities please see the Kellogg Information Systems Web page.

If you have further questions, please contact Ahmed Alnidawi at ahmed.alnidawi@kellogg.northwestern.edu or also review information on Northwestern University's McManus Center webpage.

Laundry room

Equipped with washers and dryers free of charge to all McManus residents

Kellogg kids playroom

Communal playroom on ground floor where resident children can play

McManus lounge

Has a large-screen TV, piano, kitchen, pool table, foosball table, ping-pong table, plenty of couches and tables

Exercise room

Featuring Lifecycle, treadmill and elliptical machines as well as other exercise equipment

Group study room

Equipped with high-speed data connections, a large-screen monitor for laptop hook-up, a conference table and a chalkboard

Computer lab

Open 24 hours, complete with Lenovo desktops, color and black/white laser printers and two multifunction devices with scan-to-email functionality


McManus Center Application

Returning residents will be given priority consideration to live in McManus and must submit an application during winter quarter of their first year to be eligible for housing in their second year. Rising second years who live-off campus are also welcome to apply to live in McManus, but priority will be granted to those who participate in a Kellogg exchange program.

Submit Your Housing Application

Go to the Kellogg School of Management field at the bottom of the page to access the appropriate McManus application. 

Parking is available to all residents by filling out this parking application.

Graduate Housing Assistants (GHAs)

McManus Graduate Housing Assistants are full-time Kellogg students who run programming, perform on-call duty, and provide other assistance to the building’s residents. Learn more about this position on the Graduate Housing Assistant (GHA) Position Description page.