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COVID Health and Safety

Latest Developments at Kellogg

Kellogg is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of our community during this global pandemic. We continue to follow federal, state and local government guidance, along with Northwestern University policies.

This website provides information help you play your role in promoting the health and well-being of the Kellogg community and supporting our ability to maintaina high quality learning experience.

First and foremost, all students are expected to adhere to the community standards set forth by Northwestern University as a condition of returning to campus or participating in any University program (even remotely).

For more information about all things COVID, visit Northwestern’s COVID-19 Updates Page.


What to Expect in the Hub - Fall Quarter 2021

Vaccinations and Reporting Your Vaccine Status


All students must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, with limited exceptions related to personal health or sincerely held religious beliefs. Students who have not yet complied with this requirement have received multiple reminders.If you have not done so already, upload your vaccination record or request an exception by August 24. Please note, students who wish to seek an exception to the vaccine requirement due to emergency-use authorization status may do so. However, students who receive an exception related to emergency-use authorization status must be vaccinated once full FDA approval is received for any COVID-19 vaccine, unless they apply for and receive another exception at the time of full FDA approval.

Students who have not submitted proof of full vaccination or submitted an exception request by August 24 will not be able to access campus systems, buildings (including housing) or services and will not be able to enroll for the Fall Quarter. Moreover, students who are not compliant with the requirement cannot come to campus or participate in any activities (including student organizations) or events intended for enrolled students.

We will strictly enforce the University’s vaccination and testing requirements for students. If you have questions about documenting your vaccination status, please contact vaccine@northwestern.edu. As a reminder, Northwestern also requires all faculty and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Details on those requirements are posted online.

Symptom Tracker


Unvaccinated students, faculty and staff are required to use Symptom Tracker any day they visit campus. Most members of the University community are not required to use Symptom Tracker regularly. However, you may be required to show a green badge in order to enter certain buildings or participate in certain classes and activities. Please download the application before arriving on campus and be prepared to show your badge when asked.

Northwestern has updated the Symptom Tracker application to show:

  • A green badge for anyone who is vaccinated, or who is unvaccinated and has received a negative test in the past 72 hours
  • A yellow badge displays for anyone who is unvaccinated and has not received a negative test in the past 72 hours
  • A red badge displays for individuals who are currently experiencing symptoms or who are in quarantine or isolation status

If you have any COVID-19 symptoms—even if you are vaccinated—it remains essential to report them using Symptom Tracker by “badging red.” Northwestern’s COVID Response Team will coordinate a symptomatic test for you and provide guidance on your next steps.  If you have COVID-19 symptoms,do not get tested at the Jacobs Center (Evanston) or 345 E. Superior St. (Chicago). 

Students should not plan to access campus unless they are in a “green” Symptom Tracker status.

Testing Requirements


Due to the changing dynamics related to the delta variant of the virus, Northwestern University now requires all students, regardless of vaccination status, to complete entry testing as they return to campus for the fall. This applies to students who were in Evanston and Chicago over the summer for research or other purposes.

Rapid testing is available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in the Jacobs Center in Evanston or 345 Superior in Chicago. We realize that students are arriving on campus at different times during the fall, so the objective is to have everyone complete their initial test as early as possible during the week of their arrival. Students must then complete a second test three to four days later when the testing center is open. All students, regardless of their vaccination status and whether they were on campus for the summer or not, are required to follow this requirement.

  • We encourage you to get your first test as soon as you can when you arrive in Evanston. If you arrive over the weekend (September 11th or 12th), you will be given a time with your KPPI/PCAT 440-5 section, for your first test on Monday, September 13th. You will receive a calendar invitation with the time slot for your section. You will need this first negative test result to enter any campus facility.
  • Regardless of when you receive your first test, you also need to return for your second test 3-4 days (excluding Saturday and Sunday) after your first test to continue to have access to any campus facility.
  • All COVID tests must be done at Jacobs Center on campus in Evanston or at 345 E. Superior St. on the Chicago campus. You will need to use the NU symptom tracker when getting tested.

To allow sufficient time to conduct re-entry testing, all classes on Monday September 13th for returning students will be held remotely, with a return to in-person classes on Tuesday September 14th.

Additionally, students should familiarize themselves with Northwestern’s current COVID-19 testing resources andcomplete their NAVICA registration in advance to make testing on-campus easy.    

Students receiving a temporary or permanent exception to Northwestern’s vaccination requirement are required to test at least twice weekly, continue masking in all shared indoor settings and complete the Symptom Tracker daily. These students will receive an email from the University with the conditions of their exception and the implications for non-compliance, which will involve sanctions up to and including suspension or expulsion.

After the initial arrival testing, Northwestern does not require ongoing testing at this time for vaccinated students, based on continued guidance from medical experts and the local public health department. However, we strongly encourage vaccinated students to take advantage of the free testing resources on campus as frequently as possible. Students voluntarily completing a test during each week of the Fall Quarter will be entered into an end-of-the-term raffle for a number of prizes, including travel vouchers, Northwestern memorabilia and gift certificates for local businesses.

We will closely monitor campus positive case activity and guidance from our medical partners, and will adjust quickly if we determine that broader or increased COVID-19 surveillance testing is necessary.



Northwestern will continue following CDC and Illinois Department of Public Health guidance regarding indoor masking. Until those recommendations change, masks are required indoors, with exceptions for:

  • Residence hall rooms, private offices or when alone in a study room
  • Actively eating or drinking
  • Actively teaching or lecturing, if vaccinated and able to maintain social distance

In the future, there may be situations deemed acceptable to remove masks in indoor settings, and the masking section of the website will be updated with this information. Even if the mask mandate is lifted for vaccinated individuals, the combination of masking and vaccination leaves very little risk of transmission.

Contact Tracing Protocols


Northwestern has updated its protocols forcontact tracing andquarantine and self-isolation to align with recent changes from the CDC. If you are vaccinated and identified as a close contact, the CDC now recommends testing.

Vaccinated close contactsneed to emailcovidcasemanagement@northwestern.edu. Case Management will determine next steps, including arranging for a PCR test three-to-five days after the exposure. Additionally, vaccinated exposures will need to mask indoors for 14 days after their initial exposure, regardless of current masking guidance.

Unvaccinated close contactsneed to emailcovidcasemanagement@northwestern.edu and quarantine for 14 days. Case Management will determine next steps, including arranging for a PCR test three to five days after the exposure.

Anyone who is positive, regardless of vaccination status, must self-isolate for 10 days.

JV Access to the Global Hub


JVs are welcome to access to the Hub during normal hours of operations. If your JV is not vaccinated and is hoping to be on campus regularly, they will need to complete an at-home COVID test twice each week.  We have test kits available in the Student Experience Center, Suite 1391, which you can pick up and take home for them. You can also obtain test kits at the Jacobs Center between 9:00am and 4:00pm, Monday – Friday.

In preparation for coming to the Hub, please make note of the following safety protocols.

Vaccination status:
In order to come to campus, JVs need to submit your vaccination information via this form. If you are vaccinated, no further protocols are required. If you are not vaccinated, then, you will need to test twice weekly during weeks when you will be coming to campus, as is required of students.

COVID Testing:
JVs who are vaccinated do not need to participate in regular COVID testing. If you are not vaccinated, you will need to complete two rapid tests at home each week that you plan to come to campus. Your students can retrieve an at-home test kit from the Jacobs Center during normal testing hours (9am-4pm, Monday-Friday) and you can complete it at home. Only students can pick up an at-home test.