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Event Planning in COVID

Kellogg has adapted guidance for event planning in order to ensure everyone’s health and safety. This page is intended to supply you with the basics of event planning with COVID restrictions. For additional information, refer to the student event playbook offered by the Kellogg Special Events team. Contact Jarvis Broom with any questions and for guidance in planning your event.



Guidelines for scheduling events during Winter Quarter.

  • Submit all event and meeting approval requests through the Event Pre-Approval Form
  • Student groups will be able to schedule virtual (fully online) events and hybrid events (up to 25 participants in the Global Hub in addition to online participation) this quarter.
  • All events should be posted on the CampusGroups calendar.
  • Off-campus events may be proposed but will be subject to all Evanston, Northwestern and Kellogg safety requirements for in-person events including social distancing and wearing masks.
  • As in-person outdoor or off-campus events will not be inclusive of remote students, similar virtual programming should be provided by the club
  • Club events may not be scheduled during class times, and should not overlap with CMC events or other club events with similar topics.
  • Zoom fatigue is real, so please be mindful of this when planning events. Fewer, more impactful events are preferable. Collaborating with other clubs to enhance reach and limit the number of events is encouraged.
  • As in past years, no club may host more than 3 events of any kind during a week.

Scheduling an Event


General Scheduling

  • Lunch time events should be scheduled for 12:15 - 1:15pm CT, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri.
  • Evening events should be scheduled for 5:45 - 6:15pm CT, Mon - Fri, to accommodate afternoon and evening classes.

Scheduling Events on Wednesdays/Saturddays

Please use the following timeslots for events on Wednesdays:

Wednesday Event Time Slots:

              9:00 – 10:00

              10:45 – 11:45

              2:30 – 3:30

              4:15 – 5:15 

Saturday Club Event Time Slots:

              10:30 – 11:30

              1:30 – 2:30

              3:15 – 4:15

              5:00 – 6:00


Scheduling Hybrid Events

  • Use the Event Approval Form to schedule events.
  • Hybrid events may be scheduled during lunch hours or during Wednesday hours. Limited numbers of events may scheduled during the day on Saturdays. (Evening events require an exception and incur additional staffing costs. Please reach out to Jarvis Broom with questions)
  • Space for indoor hybrid events in other Northwestern facilities must be requested in consultation with Jarvis Broom.
  • Space for out-door events on campus must be requested through Norris and will be subject to all Northwestern, Evanston and Kellogg requirements for in-person events including social distancing and wearing masks.

Event Policies


1. Food

Starting Winter Quarter, food can be provided for in-person events, to be eaten after events. All food items must be consumed in designated eating areas, and cannot be eaten in classrooms.


2. Social distancing and Space Capacity

  • Social distancing norms as shared by the Northwestern administration are applicable to all in-person club events.
  • Classrooms and other spaces in the Hub will have a maximum capacity which must be observed, including any presenter/s.


3. Seat Assignments

Seat assignments for events are required to enable contract tracing, if needed. Please reach out to studentaffairs@kellogg.northwestern.edu for help with creating your CampusGroups event with seating assignments.


4. Masks

Masks must be worn during any event scheduled on-campus and should be worn during off-campus events as well.


5. Recording

If an event can be recorded, after consideration with any speakers, then recording is a great way to ensure the inclusivity of your event. Please distribute any recordings through your CampusGroups page.


6. Speakers

Current guidelines dictate that no guests will be allowed in the Hub, including external speakers. Please reach out to the Speaker’s Bureau for exploring ways to engage a speaker successfully remotely.


7. Events/Contracts

Considering the volatility of the circumstances, NU has enacted additional policies regarding contracts designed to safeguard student fees and ensure limited liability. These include changes to terms of a contract including cancellation, % advance and so on. Reach out to Jarvis Broom to understand how this could affect your next event.

Club Funds


Club funds can be used for your event, though purchasing food for events is currently prohibited. Please reach out to Sweta Adhikari for a detailed report of what your club has in its account. If you are using sponsorship funds, please review the club sponsorship resources page for a refresher on sponsorship guidelines and resources.

1. Can we use club f
unds for virtual events to fund food & beverage for people at home?

No, NU does not allow us to purchase food or beverages to be consumed in individuals’ apartments


2. Can we use club funds for club apparel?

This can be approved on case-to-case basis. If it is for most/all of the club and meets spending limits per person and can provide reasonable rationale on inclusivity for members of the club who are not in Evanston (such as providing shipping to those individual’s homes), then this is acceptable.

General FAQs


1. Can students come to the Hub for Exec meetings on days when they do not have class?

Yes, you must schedule in-person exec meetings using the event approval form, the same as any other in-person meeting. Once a CampusGroups event is created by the Office of Student Life, you will need to register for the event to have a seat in the daily access app.


2. Does the no-entry-without-class-seat rule apply to after hours (e.g. 9pm) or weekends?

No entry without a class seat applies on M/T/Th/F even after hours at this point. On Wednesdays and on Saturdays, we have limited access for those who have a registered seat in a hybrid event or have reserved a hoteling space and therefore have a seat assignment.