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General Policies

2 month review process

Every Kellogg conference’s progress will be subject to review two months prior to the conference. If needed, a meeting will be held with the conference leaders to discuss the status of the conference. This review will look specifically at confirmed speakers, current implementation of the marketing plan, and the probability of the overall success of the conference. The Kellogg Administration reserves the right to cancel a conference based on, but not limited to: an Honor Code violation, disregard of Conference procedures, or failure to meet the two month review process milestones (see below).

The following criteria will be expected to be met two months out:

    1. All keynote speakers confirmed
    2. 75% of panelists and moderators confirmed
    3. Finalize Save-the-date
    4. Registration built in collaboration with the Kellogg Conferences Team
    5. Website updated with speaker info, sponsor logos, agenda and registration link