Logistics Resources

The logistics co-chair is responsible for ensuring that the conference runs smoothly. This person will work closely with each co-chair and with the Office of Student Life (OSL) Contact  to ensure day-of success. Additionally, this co-chair will recruit all volunteers.

Quick Tips for Conference Logistics

  • Schedule a weekly meeting and reserve a room for the conference committee to meet throughout the planning process - This may also be done by the overall co-chair, so establish who will be responsible for scheduling this meeting
  • Create logistics timeline and plan
  • Determine logistical needs of each chair and speaker, identify number of volunteers for each item on the conference agenda
  • Work closely with the Speaker Co-Chair and confirm the travel plans for all speakers.

Travel/Hosting Policy

As a good host to our speakers, we provide one (1) night stay in a local Evanston Hotel. Please note that we will provide two (2) nights for our international guests. We will also pay for transportation to and from the airport and host them for a dinner the evening before the conference. Additionally, based on need and request, we may be able to pay for an economy class flight to Chicago. This is considered by the team on case by case basis.

Speaker Dinner (if applicable)

  • The speaker dinner occurs the evening before the conference and is designed to be an intimate welcome and thank you event for speakers.
  • Invitees may include all speakers and moderators, 2nd year students on the executive committee and Kellogg administrators including faculty advisors, the OSL, CP and SB contacts. 1st year panel leads and logistics liaisons may be added to the invite list if they have a speaker in attendance.
  • Consult the OSL contact for information on venues and past menus.
  • Dinners typically cost $45-$55/person including food and alcohol, with a maximum of $65/person allowed per NU policy. Speaker dinners will be paid by the Office of Student Life via invoice or P-card (department credit card)
  • Venues should be secured at least two months before the conference.
  • Any contract or form from a venue requiring a signature must be signed by an authorized Kellogg administrator. A minimum of 3 weeks lead time is required, and the OSL contact will help facilitate this process including the Alcohol Policy documentation required for the event. Read more about planning an OFF CAMPUS event


Confirm with the OSL Contact that all appropriate conference spaces have been reserved (speaker lodging, event dinning and event venue).

Logistics Overview+

Logistical Needs Overview

  • As your team begins to develop your schedule be sure to keep the following in mind:
    • Number of classrooms available.
    • Number of breakout rooms available.

The Walk-Through – 2 Weeks Before the Conference

  • Walk-through is scheduled two weeks prior to the conference to facilitate all logistical details, including:
    • Secure tables for registration, table skirts, etc.
    • Confirm signage
      • Banner placement
      • Easels for posters
  • Confirm rooms and locations
    • Break out rooms
    • Lunch location
    • War room for co-chairs volunteers
    • Speaker room
    • Restrooms
    • Room design and seating (if applicable – classroom, u-shape, theater, etc.)
  • KIS Audio/Visual needs
    • Portable screens/laptop cart for projection in registration and reception area
    • Back Lighting for stage
    • Cordless microphone for speakers
    • Table-top microphones for panelists
    • Tabletents for panel speakers (template in Dropbox, plastic holders at the Allen Center)
    • Podium for keynote speaker
    • Flipcharts, easels, etc.*
    • Lap-top PowerPoint presentation*
    • Water, glasses, etc. available for speaker

*Note: Be sure to get these logistic needs from the Speakers Committee.

1 Week Before Conference

  • Confirm all room assignments with the Venue.
  • Reconfirm the time assignments of the deans who may be introducing your conference.
  • Work with marketing co-chair to confirm that all banners are ordered and will be delivered the day before the conference.
  • Schedule a meeting with OSL Contact a day or two before the conference for a final touch-base.

Saturday Conference Parking

  • All campus lots are open to visitors and parking is free of charge.
  • Include a link to a campus parking map on your conference website, indicate the lots nearest to your venue.

Wednesday Conference Parking – Read this carefully!

  • Visitors are directed to the North Parking Garage located off Lincoln road and must pick up a parking pass before going to the garage.
  • Discuss with the OSL Contact hiring an undergraduate student group to direct traffic and distribute parking passes.
  • All cars must park in the designated visitor parking lots and display a dated parking pass. Those in violation will be ticketed, at the owner’s expense.
  • Be sure to inform attendees of parking information in advance via email.
    • Include in email registration reminder, along with campus map.
    • Post detailed information on your conference website.

Conference Day

At least 1 hour before registration begins:

  • Set up registration table with nametags and place attendee gift bags (if applicable) near check-in.
  • Place parking signs at key locations (optional)
  • Make sure day-of conference agenda is displayed near the entrance to the main conference room —do not tape up any signs in the Allen Center building.
  • Display signs and agendas on easels: conference, parking directions, restrooms, coatrooms, panel rooms, schedules, telephones, etc.

Throughout Day:

  • Manage all volunteers.
  • Ensure programming occurs on time.
  • Be in contact with the car service company to confirm pickups, drop-offs, and any last minute request changes

After last programming piece

  • At the close of the conference, clean-up work room, panel/speaker rooms, registration area, and take down all signs and banners.
  • Coordinate with marketing chair to save and inventory any items (banners, name-tags, left over binders, etc.) that can be used for next year and have them delivered to the Office of Student Life for storage. Throwaway anything that is dated or has sponsor logos and cannot be reused.
  • Remember to pick-up all parking signs (with the parking sign stakes) and return to the Office of Student Life.